Live Together (Assembly)

Live Together  by Peter O'Hare - 7 to 12yrs - KS2  (3m 0s)

Theme  -  Abiding by rules, co-operation

Story  -  by John Kenward  (approx 8 mins)

Anna was top dog in the class, and she knew it. She was taller than all her class mates, and she liked to make sure they looked up to her in every way.  Over the years, the other children had learned how best to get along with Anna, how to avoid her sharp tongue and how to dodge her fiery temper tantrums when things didn’t go her way.

Today the class teacher - Miss Jameson - had asked the children to organise themselves into small groups, to work on an art and craft project. They were to design, build and paint their dream house using balsa wood, string, glue and of course paint. The best project would be entered into a national competition for schools.

Art and craft wasn’t Anna’s favourite subject, but at least it gave her the opportunity to be a group leader.  Quickly, she grabbed her three usual sidekicks, and then she spotted Tanya, who was the best at drawing and painting in the whole class.  She’d be useful.

You’d like to be in my group, wouldn’t you Tanya?’ Anna stated, placing one hand firmly on Tanya’s shoulder and staring hard into her eyes. 
Tanya was a quiet, shy girl, who always tried to keep out of Anna’s way.  She wanted to say no, but - lacking the courage - she couldn’t make the word come out. 
‘Um...’ Tanya mumbled, pretending to dig a pencil out of her bag... 


Song  -  by Peter O'Hare   

A simple, bright and breezy song with a lilt - about working as a team even when perhaps we don’t always want to! Working together helps us to overcome life’s obstacles. (Sample on the audio player above.)


Reflection Points  -  samples

1.  How did Anna pick her group?  What things might have happened differently if the group had worked as a team on their project?

2.  Which rules did Anna break during the lesson?  Were these rules important?  Why?

3.  How do rules help us live together?

This assembly is from 'Assemblies Alive KS2'. There is a parallel assembly for KS1 'Stick To The Rules' with the same theme in 'Assemblies Alive KS1'.

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