• Change The World Together
      Change The World Together


      The brand new show you'll want to do when this is all 'over'!

      For now, we're all reeling from the changes going on in every aspect of our lives. The good news is that SOME environmental benefits are already happening (eg. https://bit.ly/33F9qrh).  We need to take the opportunity to reset our thinking in the area of climate change, and here is a great new musical for children that will help us do precisely that when schools reopen.  'Change The World Together' is highly relevant, heart-warming and entertaining, and is is a very helpful resource for these times, in our rapidly changing world.

      Available now.

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      • Our songs and scripts are written with ease of teaching and learning in mind, supporting children towards the best possible performance.

        Our shows range from wacky panto - through lively versions of classic tales - to relevant, up-to-date drama on issues close to children’s hearts.

        Our part-songs are, we believe, among the best available for young choirs with easy-to-learn but effective harmony and counterpoint.  (Check out the ‘Choir’ tab on our SongZone page – where you can download songs for all your school calendar themes, topics and assemblies.)

        Whether you’re looking for something really memorable for children to sing at Easter, Harvest or Christmas, an adorable nativity play, a ready-to-go primary school assembly, music with literacy/curriculum links or a stunning leavers’ show… we hope you’ll find plenty to choose from here!