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    • A Little Nativity
      A Little Nativity

      This has to be one of the easiest nativity musicals to produce - and one of the most adorable! Even the costuming is easy, as nearly everyone can simply wear their pyjamas!  The perfect answer for those wanting to re-tell the Nativity story in a direct and simple way that even the youngest may understand.

    • A Wriggly Nativity
      A Wriggly Nativity

      One of the UK's favourite nativities, 'Wriggly Nativity' is designed for children who just can't sit still! Every angel, sheep, shepherd and lamb will be using all their excited energy to wriggle their way through this little musical. Irresistible! 

    • Noisy Nativity

      'Noisy Nativity' - for children who can't keep quiet - is the Christmas story told with gusto!  A very simple nativity musical for young children, with plenty for all to do.  There are lots of actions to the songs, and lots of noise to make with voices and percussion, all of which keeps children very engaged. Great fun, and bound to be a parent-pleaser!

      Noisy Nativity
    • I-Spy-Christmas


      On exactly the right wavelength for Early Years, 'I-Spy Christmas' tells the Christmas Story entirely through songs, using the unique approach of a game of I-spy. With exceptionally appealing songs and all the children involved 100% of the time, this is putting on a Nativity show at its simplest - and, most importantly, it's fun!

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    Nativities for 6 to 8 year olds.



     Just need a single song or two for Christmas? Download from our SongZone section.



  • Our songs and scripts are written with ease of teaching and learning in mind, supporting children towards the best possible performance.

    Our shows range from wacky panto - through lively versions of classic tales - to relevant, up-to-date drama on issues close to children’s hearts.

    Our part-songs are, we believe, among the best available for young choirs with easy-to-learn but effective harmony and counterpoint.  (Check out the ‘Choir’ tab on our SongZone page – where you can download songs for all your school calendar themes, topics and assemblies.)

    Whether you’re looking for something really memorable for children to sing at Easter, Harvest or Christmas, an adorable nativity play, a ready-to-go primary school assembly, music with literacy/curriculum links or a stunning leavers’ show… we hope you’ll find plenty to choose from here!