PowerPoint Presentations for Starshine Musicals and Songbooks 

These are now provided FREE by Starshine Music for all state funded schools in England once the product has been purchased subject to the conditions below.   Ideal for use with data projectors, computers and interactive whiteboards, the PowerPoint Presentation (PPP) for each product has lyrics clearly laid out, with quick links to all the songs.  Email to request the PPP and it will be sent out to you via email in return, assuming that you have purchased the product.  Once you have received the PPP,  you will need to register the use of the songs on your online CCLI report form (having activated your account with CCLI), who operate copyright licensing on our behalf.  See below for detailed instructions.

Schools (England) with a DfE Unique Reference Number (URN):

  • Email office@starshine.co.uk with your URN or CCLI no. and the invoice no. of the product(s) you ordered*. (To download your licence certificate from CCLI click HERE.) Please note that the Govt. now pays the CCLI licence fees for state funded schools in England. You can get your CCLI no. and activate your licence by ringing CCLI on 01323 436100. Once activated, the use of the songs can be added via the CCLI reporting portal. https://uk.ccli.com/reporting/ 

Schools/Organisations without a DfE URN, but who do have a CCLI licence:

  • Email office@starshine.co.uk with: 
    a) your CCLI licence number and
    b) the invoice number for the product(s) you ordered*
  • Once the PPP has been received, register the songs on your online CCLI report (Details on how to do this are provided in the email you receive.)

Schools/Organisations without either DfE URN or CCLI licence:

  • Although you are not eligible for a free PowerPoint Presentation, you may order it from us for £10.00 (per product).  You will need to have proof of purchase of the product concerned, for copyright reasons.  Simply email us (office@starshine.co.uk) requesting the PowerPoint Presentation, quoting the invoice number that shows your order* of the musical or songbook concerned.

          * If you purchased the materials from someone other than us, e.g. a music shop, Amazon, Dotdismus, etc., then please also indicate the supplier’s name.