Licences & Copyright

(Instant Performing Licence info - see point no.7 below)

Online Licence Application 

You can calculate costs and order licences by adding to the basket in the normal way, and choose to pay by invoice/purchase order (UK only) or credit card/PayPal (UK + Worldwide).
Please use the order section of your chosen musical/cantata product page on our website.

N.B. You don't need to complete a Performing Licence form if you have purchased an Instant Performing Licence (IPL) with your Director's Pack.
However, if you require a recording (video/dvd/sound) and/or Platform Licence please use the order form on the product page.

1. Performing musicals (and songs from musicals & cantatas)

To stage a musical or cantata (in whole or in part) or to record the performance and/or songs, you need to apply directly to Starshine Music for a Performing / Recording Licence. (If you purchased an Instant Performing Licence at the time of buying the product, it is only valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and may not be reused in subsequent years.) These musical works are covered under international copyright law by 'Grand Rights'.  Musicals and cantatas are only ever covered by licences provided direct by publishers, and are NOT covered by block licences that your school/group/LEA may have. Therefore the performing of our musicals and cantatas without permission from Starshine Music is illegal.  However, our licences start from as little as £10.00, and it's easy to order them via the web page(s) for the product(s) you wish to perform. 

2. Performing single songs (including those from song books)

Most schools have an arrangement with the Performing Rights Society for Music (PRS) either directly, or through their local authority, in which case the performance of songs should be reported to the PRS. If you wish to perform our songs but your organisation does not have an arrangement with PRS, contact Starshine Music at with details of the planned performances and/or recordings.

The reproducing/copying of lyrics or music scores and the projection of song lyrics for use in assemblies should be covered by your organisation's CWCL / CWMRL licences from CCLI.  However, you must report your usage to CCLI via your online account.

3. Copying and reproducing music and song lyrics

All photocopying, reproduction and file-storage of our songs must be licensed.  All schools in England with a DfE unique reference number – URN – are automatically covered by a Govt. funded CCLI licence. However, it is the responsibility of each school to activate their own licence and report all song usage online.  To activate your school’s CCLI licence, go to and enter your URN. For more information about CCLI and the licences they offer, or to apply for a licence, please contact them on 01323 4361030 or at   Song lyrics, printed or projected on screen for use in assemblies and copying of music scores for use in assemblies are covered by your school's/church CWCL and CWMRL licences from CCLI.  The licence needs to be activated and songs used need to be added to your online CCLI report. 

Making printed copies or photocopies of limited parts of songbooks, cantatas or musicals for use in the classroom is covered by your Schools Printed Music Licence (SPML) licence. However, you must report your usage - click on the portal link on the SPML page.

4. File-sharing and uploading onto a school intranet

Hard copy materials may be extracted and shared within your school's intranet providing you have purchased a Product Site Licence for the specific product you are wishing to share. (Available on each product page of our website).   N.B. Unauthorised file sharing is illegal

5. Uploading sound/video clips onto public websites and YouTube.

This is allowed on condition that the following is clearly stated - Title of musical / song(s) followed by 'Published by Starshine Music, '

6. Intellectual copyright

The revenue (royalties) raised from Performing Licences is the main source of income for writers. If intellectual copyright, which is protected by law, is not respected and royalties not paid, then there is no incentive for writers to produce new materials.

7. Instant Performing Licence (IPL)

An Instant Performing Licence applies to performances where there is either no entry charge or the maximum charge/voluntary contribution is less than £1.50 per seat. The IPL allows any number of performances within 12 months of the product purchase date. Purchasing an Instant Performing Licence may save you money but these licences must be purchased at the same time as a Director's Pack. An option to purchase an IPL will pop up on the order form when ordering a Director's Pack or Director's Pack with QS.

8. Sound/Video/DVD recording licence

If all or part(s) of a musical or cantata are recorded - whether in audio of video format - then a recording licence is required. This includes schools and organisations making multiple copies for parents.

Please use the relevant section on the order form of the product page to calculate the costs and order accordingly.  If making recordings of individual songs, please email for current prices. 

9. Schools Printed Music Licence (SPML)

The SPML came into existence in April 2013, and allows limited copying from our musicals, cantatas and songbooks including the printing/copying of sheet music, which includes the lyrics and text between musical numbers (script/dialogue/narration). It also includes photocopying, scanning, score writing programmes and posting on a school VLE/Intranet/SLP.  The SPML is available to state maintained and independent schools in England, Wales Scotland and Northern Ireland with students up to the age of 18, with the exception of 6th form colleges and language schools. General information HERE.  

This does not affect your need for a CWCL or CWMRL if Starshine Music material is being used within times of Collective Worship/Assemblies as this usage is NOT covered under the terms of the SPML.

Licensing FAQs 

Do we have to pay a licence fee to perform a Starshine musical or cantata if we have a PRS and/or CCLI licence?

Yes. 'Block' licences which your school/group/LEA may have do not cover performances of musicals or cantatas or the songs within them, licences for which are only available from publishers. Performing Starshine musicals  and cantatas (including the songs within them) without permission from Starshine Music is illegal.

Can we charge for tickets?

Schools are allowed to make a ticket charge or ask for donations in order to cover the cost of putting on productions or concerts. This includes costs of materials, licence costs, costumes, props, programmes etc.

Do we have to pay a licence fee even if we allow free admission?

Yes. The writers are entitled to receive a fee for use of their work whether admission is charged or not.

Do we have to pay a licence fee as we make a collection but donate it to a charity?

Yes. The writers are still entitled to receive a fee for use of their work even if a charitable donation is made.

Do we need a licence for our dress rehearsal?

No. Starshine Music does not charge for dress rehearsals.

What is an 'Instant Performing Licence' (IPL)?

An Instant Performing Licence allows any number of performances* within 12 months of the purchase date. (*Applies with or without admission charges.) Purchasing an IPL may save you money. These licences are available for selected products only and must be purchased at the same time as a Director's Pack.  An instant licence does not include video or sound recordings.

What about video, DVD and/or sound recordings?

An Instant Performing Licence (IPL) does NOT include video or sound recordings. These have to be applied for separately.  To calculate cost and order a recording licence, enter details in the recording dialogue box, which you'll find under 'purchasing options' on the web page for the product concerned. 

How do I find out how much a performing and/or a recording licence will cost?

Please use the online application form - the link is on the main musical or cantata product pages in the order section - Performing and/or Video/Sound Recording Licence   -   Calculate.

How do I apply for a performing licence?

As above then add to your basket in the normal way. You will be offered a choice of invoice / purchase order (U.K. only) or credit card / PayPal (Worldwide).

Where can I find out more about copyright and licensing?

Performing Rights Society for Music (PRS) - A good overall description of copyright law, see