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    Assemblies Alive KS1

    Not only is this a set of ready-made assemblies for Key Stage One, it's also an excellent songbook in its own right, as well as containing 15 great stories for reading aloud and PSHE. A truly multi-purpose resource! 

    Each age-appropriate assembly contains 1) a story, 2) a song and 3) discussion/reflection points - all written to complement each other. An immense amount of thought and skill has gone into every aspect of this package, to make it inclusive, relevant and interesting. The response from schools has been exceptional, so 'Assemblies Alive' comes highly recommended!

    Links with SEAL and PSHE themes are included in the book.

    "Short stories with appropriate songs all in one place! We enjoyed the reflection questions and the themes are in line with our SEAL values. It takes the worry out of organising an assembly!"  ~   Marian Tomlins, Teacher, Bicester 

    Click here to listen to the COMPLETE songs on our 'Starshine Singers' YouTube channel.

    NEWDigital Download Pack – includes all book contents, MP3 sound files and extras.
                  For sole use of purchasing school, theatre group, church or individual.

    SPECIAL OFFER: Buy 'Assemblies Alive KS1' & 'Assemblies Alive KS2' together for just £47.50 (see below) 

    Author: Starshine Writers
    Age guide: KS1
    Running time: n/a
    No. of songs: 15 + 15 stories
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    Definitely Recommend

    Review by Alice Barber - Edgware, London
    I would definitely recommend Assemblies Alive KS1 as a valuable resource to have in a school. It links with and enhances the SEAL curriculum and provides songs linked to moral/social issues that often have to be faced in a school community.

    Themes With Matched Songs And Stories

    Review by Lizzie Lioyd
    Having themes with matched songs and stories is particularly useful for ‘Curriculum for Excellence’ in Scotland now.

    Easy To Use

    Review by Julia Hyde - Class Teacher, Sussex
    It is resource that is easy to use and contains everything you need with no preparation time necessary.

    No Worries!

    Review by Marian Tomlins - Teacher, Bicester
    Short stories with appropriate songs all in one place! We enjoyed the reflection questions and the themes are in line with our SEAL values. It takes the worry out of organising an assembly!!

    Wonderful Compendium

    Review by Abigail Wilkes Music Teacher, Leicestershire
    We have thoroughly enjoyed having new and original work to brighten up our assemblies. As a large, multifaith, multicultural, inner city primary school it can be difficult to find high quality original assembly songs and connected stories. Starshine Music 'Assemblies Alive' for KS1 is a wonderfully pitched and fun compendium of assembly songs and linked themes. The assembly stories are great for foundation upwards, covering a multitude of important PSHE themes. The songs are rhythmic, lively and easily learnt. A must for any multi faith, multicultural, school looking for inspiration and modern assembly work.

    Lively And Useful Resource.

    Review by Cherie Pointon - Music Co-ordinator, Lowestoft
    It's a very lively and useful resource with a good range of story themes and lively songs.