How Can I Make A Difference? (Assembly)

How Can I Make A Difference?  by Ruth Kenward & Richard Neil - 5 to 7 yrs - KS1  (1m 25s)

Theme  -  One person can make a difference 

Story  -  by Ruth & John Kenward  (approx 6 mins)

Poppy was a girl who always felt as if she was invisible.  No-one really noticed her.  She didn’t have any brothers or sisters, so her house was a quiet place, and Poppy was a quiet person.

One day after school, Poppy was watching cartoons and then the news came on.  She usually found the news boring, but this time she was actually watching when her mother came in and switched it off.

‘Tea-time,’ said her mum.  ‘Hey, Mum, I was watching that!’ Poppy said. ‘Please turn it back on!’  Her mum shrugged and pressed the remote control again.  ‘You don’t usually like the news,’ she said.

But Poppy was concentrating.  On the screen, a reporter was talking about some children, who she could see in the background.  These boys and girls had no mums or dads.  They had nobody to care for them so they lived in an orphanage, which had cold draughty rooms and not even any curtains on the windows.  The children looked very sad, and they were very quiet.  

‘They look so sad!’ said Poppy.  ‘And they’re like me.’  Poppy’s mum looked shocked. ‘Like you?’ she said.  ‘You’re not an orphan!’  
‘No, but they’re quiet, like me,’ said Poppy, quietly.
‘Oh I see!’ said her mum. 

‘Could one of them come and live with us?’ asked Poppy. ‘Then I’d have a brother or a sister!’ 
‘I don’t think so!’ said Poppy’s mum, laughing.  Poppy looked cross. 
‘But that’s not fair!’ she protested.  ‘They need a home, and I need a brother or sister.’ Poppy’s mum hugged her.  ‘Life isn’t always how we’d like it to be,’ she said. ‘Perhaps you’d feel better if you tried to help.’  
Poppy pulled a grumpy face.  ‘What can I do?’ she asked.  ‘I’m only little.  I can’t make a difference…’   
‘You can try!’ said her mum.  ‘See if you can think of a way.’


Song  -  by Ruth Kenward & Richard Neil  

Very easy to teach and learn, this song has a simple message about making things better in our own small way, by doing the right thing. (Sample on the audio player above.)


Reflection Points  -  samples

1.  Why did Poppy think she couldn't help those children?

2.  What was the first thing Poppy did to make a difference?

3.  How did Poppy’s small plan become so big? 

4.  If Poppy came to our school, why do you think she might make a good friend?


This assembly is from 'Assemblies Alive KS1'. There is a parallel assembly for KS2 'Just A Single Candle' with the same theme in 'Assemblies Alive KS2'.

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