How Can I Make A Difference?

by Ruth Kenward & Richard Neil  

5 to 7 yrs  -  KS1  -  unison  -  (1m 25s)

Download includes:  piano-vocal score, lyrics sheet, mp3 demo & backing tracks

Theme  -  making a difference, doing the right thing, morals


Content  -  Very easy to teach and learn, this song has a simple message about making things better in our own small way, by doing the right thing.  Ideal for infant assembly.


Lyrics sample

How can I make things better

In this great big world?

If I do what’s bad people will be sad,

So I must do good, ‘cos I know I should!

I must never break, I must never take.

I must try to mend, try to be a friend.

That’s how I make a difference.

That’s how I make a difference.

That’s how I make a difference

In this great big world!


This song has a partner story and complete assembly on the same theme.  You can find this in 'Assemblies Alive KS1', which also contains 14 other assemblies, songs and stories.

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