Gublak's Greed - paperback book

‘Gublak's Greed’ is the second of a five-book fantasy/adventure series, The Oswain Tales, which features a wonderful array of colourful characters, varied settings and twisting plots. (The musical 'Hagbane's Doom' is based on the first book in this series.)

Oswain's sister, Princess Alena, runs away from home wearing the Star Stone. She has no idea of its immense value or importance. Gublak, a sly goblin, wants the mysterious Star Stone for himself. Loathsome pirates and vicious wolves aid Gublak in his greedy quest.  
Once again Joshua, Sophie and Andrew find themselves in Price Oswain's World - this time in a desperate race to rescue Alena. But there are deeper and darker powers at work.
How will the children manage to save her, while battling evil forces that want the Star Stone at any cost?

The Oswain Tales KINDLE VERSIONS - Hagbane's DoomGublak's GreedSurin's Revenge, Tergan's Lair, Feldrog's Sting

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