Think About

by Ruth Kenward 

5 to 7 yrs  -  KS1  -  unison  -  (1m 34s)

Download contains: Piano-vocal score, lyric sheet, mp3 demo & backing tracks


Theme  -  choices, relationships, consequences, PSHE, bullying


Content  -  Everything we choose in life makes us who we are.  What kind of person do you want to be?  How do you choose to behave?  This appealing song manages to convey such huge subject matter in very simple words, and is excellent for assembly and PSHE.


Lyrics sample - 

Think about... what you say.

Think about... all the things you do.

Think about... where you go.

Think about... all the things you know.

Think about what is good,

Think about what is bad.

Will what you do make others sad?

Think about what is right,

Think about what is wrong.

So much to think about

It takes your whole life long.


This song has a partner story and complete assembly on the same theme.  You can find this in 'Assemblies Alive KS1', which also contains 14 other assemblies, songs and stories.

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