Stand Up For Yourself (Assembly)

Stand Up For Yourself  by Peter O'Hare - 7 to 11 yrs - KS2  (2m 37s)



Theme  -  Dealing with bullying

Story  -  from the novel 'Bully!' by Jo Sands and Ruth Kenward  (approx 8 mins)

The boys had been watching cautiously, and thought this might be the moment to get away.  They moved fast, but just as they began to cross the precinct Jake’s mobile rang at full volume with his mother’s painfully noticeable ring tone. He’d have to answer it.

Jessica’s head jerked round towards the boys. She’d spotted them some minutes before and recognised Jake, one of the gang’s regular victims. He had the phone up to his ear.
“Hey!”  she said, nudging Kim, and giving a meaningful look in Jake’s direction:  “Anyone want a free phone?”
Ruby shoved Ellie forwards, whispering, “Now’s your chance to prove yourself!” ...

... Jake glanced behind to see that the whole gang’s attention was focused on him. His heart sank. “Let's go!” he heard Ant whisper behind him.
But he had to get the medicine for his mum and if they ran like the wind they might make it. “Come on, Ant! Now!” he hissed back, and started to make a dash for the shop entrance, but Ellie moved faster, stepping right in front of him, so he couldn’t get past. Jake knew that even if he tried to escape, he was seriously outnumbered. He turned to look for Ant’s support, but Ant had obviously legged it already.
‘Some friend!’ Jake thought... although you couldn’t really blame him. His shoulders sagged, waiting to see what this rough looking girl would do next.


Song  -  by Peter O'Hare

A song about standing up for yourself in the right way, that points out the importance of thinking clearly, speaking out and asking for help in a hurtful situation. (Sample on the audio player above.)


Reflection Points  -  samples

1.  Why didn’t Jake run away from the gang when he had the chance?

2.  What else could Jake have done?  What might you have done? 

3.  How do you think bullies should be dealt with?  


This assembly is from 'Assemblies Alive KS2'. There is a parallel assembly for KS1 'Lets' Say No' with the same theme in 'Assemblies Alive KS1'.

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