Ordering & Payment, Terms & Conditions

Invoice Orders  (UK schools/organisations only)

Add items to the basket, go to checkout and select Pay by invoice when prompted.

Credit Card and Paypal Purchases  (World and UK purchases)

For secure credit card and Paypal purchases just add items to your shopping basket then proceed to checkout and select credit card or Paypal option when prompted. Currency conversion occurs automatically.

Printed Orders  (UK schools/organisations only)

For hard copy orders (UK) please send to - Starshine Music, 25 The Waterfront, Sovereign Harbour, Eastbourne, BN23 5UZ 

Enquiries  (World and UK)

For accounts and general enquiries email office@starshine.co.uk

Telephone Orders  (UK schools/organisations only)

Tel. Starshine Music at - 01323 508881

Performing Licence Quotes & Orders  (World and UK)

Click on the product page of your chosen musical/cantata and calculate and/or order/purchase your licence(s) by adding to the basket. Non UK orders must be paid for by credit card or PayPal.

Invoice Payments

Cheques - Payable to Starshine Music, 25 The Waterfront, Sovereign Harbour, Eastbourne, BN23 5UZ
BACS - See details below

Invoice Payment (UK only)

30 days from date of invoice, if goods are not pre-paid online. BACs payments accepted. Cheques payable to - 'Starshine Music'

Orders are charged at approximately 10% of the hard copy value of the order (max - £7.95). 

Postage & Packing

Hard copy orders are charged at approximately 10% of the value of the order (max - £7.95). 

All orders are normally processed and dispatched within 3 working days of receipt of order. 

United Kingdom

All UK orders are sent out first class royal mail, so delivery time is normally 1 - 3 working days. If you have not received your order within 7 working days please email the office at office@starshine.co.uk . (Please note that the average postal charge is around £2.00 per Director's Pack.)


For most European countries you have the choice between Royal Airmail, (no tracking, average delivery time 10 working days), or tracked courier service (average price range £19.50 to £29.50, average delivery time 4 to 7 working days). If you have selected Royal Airmail and your order is not received, we may have to send your replacement order by a tracked courier service, in which case you will be asked to pay the additional carriage costs. See the menu HERE for your options and price guide.

Due to unreliable postal services in some European countries, only a tracked courier service is available as we cannot guarantee delivery within a reasonable time-frame, if at all, by the other postal services. Where a choice is available you will be able to select your choice of delivery at checkout.

If you are not confident in the delivery services available in your country, please use our Digital Pack Download service.

Please note that we are not responsible for any delays, confiscation or import duties imposed by local customs authorities. You must pay for any charges made. 

Rest of World

For most non-European countries we now only offer a tracked courier service due to unreliable postal services in most countries. However, there are a few countries where we still offer the royal airmail service, (no tracking, average price per first pack £9.50),  If you have selected Royal Airmail and your order is not received, we may have to send your replacement order by a tracked courier service, in which case you will be asked to pay the additional carriage costs. See the menu HERE for your options. Where a choice is available you will be able to select your choice of delivery at checkout. Courier prices vary on average between £20 and £70.

If you are not confident in the delivery services available in your country, please use our Digital Pack service.

Please note that we are not responsible for any delays, confiscation or import duties imposed by local customs authorities. You must pay for any charges made.


   Trade terms are available. Please contact Starshine Music for details office@starshine.co.uk 

Invoice Payments

   1 - Credit Card Payments

To pay by credit card please follow this link.

   2 - Sterling cheque/banker’s draft

Made payable to - Starshine Music Ltd.(include invoice no) and send to Starshine Music, 25 The Waterfront, Sovereign Harbour, Eastbourne, BN23 5UZ

   3 - BACS -

Our Bacs details are on the invoice you receive.   (Please send Remittance Advice to office@starshine.co.uk)

General Terms & Conditions

In these terms and conditions, ‘we’ and ‘us’ mean: Starshine Music Ltd of Brown Cottage, Glynleigh Road, Hankham, East Sussex BN24 5BJ, a company registered in England. Starshine Music Ltd. trades as Starshine Music Ltd; Starshine Music; starshine.co.uk.  'You’ means the person or organisation that purchases or receives goods, downloads, licences or services from us. 

1- General Terms & Conditions of Purchase

These terms and conditions apply to all agreements for the sale and or for the supply of goods, downloads, licences or services to you to the exclusion of any other terms and conditions specified by you in your purchase order or any other document. The goods, downloads, licences or services you purchase or otherwise obtain from us may also be subject to additional terms and conditions issued by us or displayed on our website. The specific terms and conditions relating to our licences are provided with the licence and on our website.

All prices quoted in sales or marketing materials including our website are subject to change. Prices are generally quoted exclusive of VAT, the VAT element being shown on the invoice.  Payment is required when placing an order, except for orders placed by UK Schools.  We reserve the right to charge interest on any invoices which remain unpaid beyond the due date at the rate of 5% per annum over Bank base rate from the due date until the date of payment in full.

 Goods will normally be delivered by franked mail or courier to the address given with the order. Delivery dates, if given, are given in good faith as an indication of the estimated delivery time and are not a contractual obligation to deliver goods or to perform services at the time stated. Delivery times cannot be guaranteed. Please ensure that you check your goods are correct and in full working order on receipt – do not wait until you are ready to use them. You are responsible for the payment of any delivery charges as included on the invoice. For international orders, we are not responsible for any delays, confiscation or import duties imposed by local customs authorities. You must pay for those charges directly to the appropriate authority. If orders are not received, we may have to send your replacement order by secure courier, in which case you will be required to pay the delivery costs.

The ownership of any goods, or the rights imparted by any licence, shall not pass to you until we have received full payment (including VAT where applicable) except where the goods are explicitly supplied free of charge. 

If you receive a product that is damaged or not working, please notify us within 5 days of receipt of the package by email or phone. We will send you a replacement product free of charge, along with a pre-paid returns label to return the damaged product to us so that we can investigate the reasons for the damage or inoperability. If you receive an incorrect product from us as a result of our error, please notify us immediately by email or phone. We will send you the correct product free of further charge and supply postage for the return of the original goods.

Due to copyright laws we are unable to offer inspection copies. Please listen to our song samples and view script and score samples on our website prior to purchasing. Starshine products, once purchased, must not be sold on.

Our failure at any time or for any period to enforce any one or more of these terms and conditions shall not be a waiver of them or a waiver of our right to enforce such terms and conditions in the future.  These terms and conditions are governed by English Law and we and you must submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

2 - Returns Policy

If you want to return items to us for any reason, please contact us in the first instance to talk you through our returns policy. 

Under the United Kingdom's Consumer Contracts Regulations, you have the right to cancel the contract for the purchase of items within a period of 14 working days, beginning with the day after the day on which the item is delivered. However, we regret that for copyright reasons we cannot accept cancellations of contracts for the purchase of video, DVD, audio, CD ROM and software products where the item is unsealed.

If we agree to a return, we will refund the value of the product returned, but will not normally refund the original postage charge, unless the items were faulty, incorrect, or fall within Consumer Contracts Regulations.

Unless we delivered the item to you in error or the item is faulty, you will need to pay the delivery charge for returning the goods to us. Please ensure that they are well packaged in order that they return to us in the condition in which they were received, as we reserve the right to offer only a partial refund on items that are returned damaged or soiled. We recommend that you use a recorded delivery service or obtain a certificate of posting, as we can only give refunds for goods we actually receive. If we do not receive the item back from you, we may arrange for collection of the item from you at your cost.

3 - Payment Options

Payments made at the time of ordering can be made by debit/credit card or PayPal securely on our website. Where an invoice is used we accept payments by:

   a) Credit Card Payments - Pay online directly at www.Starshine.co.uk/invoice-payment with credit card or PayPal or

   b) Invoice payment by cheque made payable to - Starshine Music Ltd.(include invoice no) and send to Starshine Music, 25 The Waterfront, Sovereign Harbour, Eastbourne, BN23 5UZ

4 - Photocopying, Projecting & Reproduction

You are free to use all of the material - including songs and scripts - in the classroom for teaching purposes; however, all photocopying, reproduction and file-storage of our songs must be licensed.

1) If you photocopy any part of our books for teaching purposes please record this usage on your school's photocopy log which may include CLA and SPML logs, to ensure you are legally protected. 

2) All schools in England with a DfE unique reference number – URN – are automatically covered by a Govt. funded CCLI licence.  However, it is the responsibility of each school to activate their own licence and report all song usage online. To activate your school’s CCLI licence, go to http://schools.uk.ccli.com/reporting and enter your URN. For more information about CCLI and the licences they offer, or to apply for a licence, please contact them on 01323 4361030 or at www.ccli.co.uk/schoolsSong lyrics, printed or projected on screen for use in assemblies and copying of music scores for use in assemblies are covered by your school's/church CWCL and CWMRL licences from CCLI. The licence needs to be activated and songs used need to be added to your online CCLI report.  

Making printed copies or photocopies of limited parts of songbooks, cantatas or musicals for use in the classroom is covered by your Schools Printed Music Licence (SPML) licence. However, you must report your usage - click on the portal link on the SPML page.

Photocopying or projecting the lyrics for assemblies or public worship requires a CWCL or MRL licence from CCLI (www.ccli.co.uk).  
Photocopying the music scores requires an MRL licence from CCLI. You must log the songs that you use on your CWCL and MRL copy reports. If you do not hold one of these licences you should contact us directly for a Repro licence (office@starshine.co.uk). Photocopying any part of our books for any other purposes should be logged in the usual way under your organisation's photocopy licence.

The Schools Printed Music Licence (SPML) is a licence that covers the copying of printed sheet music, which includes the lyrics and text between musical numbers, (script/dialogue/narration). This includes photocopying, scanning, score writing programmes and posting on a school VLE/Intranet/SLP. The SPML is administered exclusively by CLA who will act as sole agents. The SPML is available to state maintained and independent schools in England, Wales Scotland and Northern Ireland with students up to the age of 18, except for 6th form colleges and language schools. This does not affect your need for a CWCL or CWMRL if Starshine Music material is being used within times of Assembly or Collective Worship as this usage is NOT covered under the terms of the SPML.

5 - Performances of Starshine musicals, nativities, cantatas and single songs.

 If you are using our music for classroom teaching or for school assemblies where members of the public are not present you do not need to obtain a performance licence from us. However, schools should log the use of our songs for assemblies and collective worship, in accordance with their CCLI licence (see section 4. above)

 A performing licence is required by law for the performance of any work involving drama, movement or spoken dialogue (e.g. a musical, a nativity or cantata). We issue performing licences via an easy-to-complete licence form provided with each of our musicals, or online via the product's web page. An Instant Performing Licence is available only when purchased at the same time as a musical, nativity or cantata.  Please note that a PRS licence does NOT cover the performance of musicals or nativities.  

The public performance of single songs (without a scripted drama or narrative) is permitted if you hold a valid PRS licence.  If you don't have a PRS licence we can issue you with our own very economical licence for this purpose.

When rehearsing and performing a musical, nativity or cantata, you are required to log each use of our songs via your CCLI portal, but you may choose to do this in batches, e.g. at the end of each week or month. More information about Copyright & Licences here.

The licence will remain in force subject to the following obligations being undertaken by the licence holder and/or the user of the software on behalf of the licence holder, subject to no infringement or violation having been committed: If you hold a CCLI Licence (Christian Copyright Licensing International), the use of all songs must be logged on your annual CCLI report:  Where the songs are performed in front of an invited audience the appropriate performance royalty payments must be made. Most schools have an arrangement with the PRS (Performing Rights Society) through their local authority. Organisations that do not have such an arrangement should contact Starshine Music directly. 

6 - Copyright Restrictions

It is the licence holder’s responsibility to ensure that no restrictions are violated whether by its employees, its associates or any other individual.  The following acts are strictly forbidden:

  • Making any copy of a Starshine CD/CD ROM or of any of the programs or applications stored on it, to any medium whether for private use or public use - with the sole exception of the installation rights detailed above.
  • Broadcasting any of the contents of a Starshine CD/CD ROM (or installed versions thereof) by any means.
  • Forwarding any of the contents of a Starshine CD/CD ROM (or installed versions thereof) by any means.
  • Lending a Starshine CD/CD ROM to any other party than the staff members of the licence holder.
  • Selling or transferring a Starshine CD/CD ROM to any other party.
  • Selling, transferring or disposing of any computer or storage device on which the program or contents of a Starshine CD/CD ROM in part or in whole are installed or stored.
  • Modifying any program, or application, or contents of a Starshine CD/CD ROM whether for individual use, public use, or financial gain.
  • Using any of the computer code or programming to create new programs or applications

Licence Issuer's Rights 

Starshine Music reserves the right to revoke the licence without recompense, without prior notice and at its own discretion if the licence holder is deemed to have failed to observe any of the obligations or restrictions listed above, or any other copyright restrictions. Please see our website for more information on licensing and copyright.

6 - Intranet / Virtual Learning Environment

Song files and digital lyrics may be placed on a school network and shared for educational purposes with pupils and staff within a single establishment. You are still required to log the use of our songs on your annual CCLI report, declare copies made of our digital songbooks on your MRL report or Schools Printed Music Licence (SPML). However, the MP3 song files and digital songbooks may not be placed on a parent portal or internet that is accessible beyond the single establishment and may not be shared with any other school or group. Sharing song files beyond your school network could constitute illegal file sharing and be a breach of copyright law.

7 - Purchase of Downloadable Materials

Downloads purchased from our website cannot be cancelled or refunded once downloading has commenced, so please be careful to choose the correct product. Our download services commence immediately when you click on the link to download a product from our site and you will not have the right to cancel your contract once the services commence.  By commencing the download service, you are agreeing that your cancellation period has ended. If you have received an unacceptably poor download, you must tell us as soon as possible by emailing office@starshine.co.uk.


  1. Any digital content is delivered to you 'as is'. We do not guarantee that our online or download services will always be secure or free from bugs, viruses, errors and omissions. In using our online or download services, you accept that you are doing so at your own risk.
  2. If you are using computer equipment or a network that does not belong to you then you must ensure that you have the appropriate permission from the equipment and network owner(s) or operator(s) to: run or install software supplied on CD ROM, access any online services, download and run software supplied online or via any other medium and you must ensure that the owners/operators are made aware of this disclaimer.

8 - Scope of This Agreement

This is the entire agreement between Starshine Music and you relating to the goods, downloads, licences or services and it supersedes any prior representations, discussions, undertakings, communications, or advertising relating to the goods, downloads, licences or services.

If any part of this agreement is found void and unenforceable, it will not affect the validity of the balance of this agreement, which shall remain valid and enforceable according to its terms.

9 -  Privacy Policy & Your Data (GDPR)

The data we collect from you is used for the specific purpose of carrying out the normal types of purchasing/selling  transactions plus the normal correspondence of receipt of orders and payments plus the sending out of occasional information on new products and offers. We do not share data with any third party outside our company and our office and distribution centre, except for the normal e-commerce transactions where necessary, which is mainly customer names and addresses to verify card payments and deliveries.

Our secure business server is operated and maintained by a reputable IT company which provides high levels of security and monitoring. Our website is hosted by another reputable company which also provides high levels of security and constant monitoring to ensure the site is operational at all times. This company also provides access to Google Analytics and Facebook which allows us to monitor web traffic to our site thereby allowing us, among other things, to provide the bandwidth required by customers to access all our website services.

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