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    The Pied Piper

    In one of the few versions of the Pied Piper to feature a happy ending, we have a first rate end of year show for juniors. This production is full of humour and colourful characters and with a very straightforward plot. The script is fast-moving and engaging, but also explores important universal themes in passing. The music is particularly strong, and detailed directions make the show simple to produce and perform.  A read-aloud story version is included in the data section of the CD, to help introduce the plot and characters to the children.  

    Rats have taken over Hamelin, led by bossy Big Cheese!  Grumpy street cleaner Mr Brümhandel fights a losing battle to keep the town clean while the people of Hamelin are too lazy to take responsibility for their own mess and dirt. Meanwhile, the Mayor and his incompetent sidekicks are more interested in lining their pockets than doing their jobs.

    In this context we meet Peter, who has a limp and struggles to keep up with the other children. Left behind in a game of chase, Peter happens to meet the magical Pied Piper, who changes everything by enchanting the rats and leading them out of town, much to everyone's delight.  

    The Piper returns to collect the agreed fee, but the Mayor has to admit that the treasury is empty!  To teach the people of Hamelin a lesson, the Pied Piper enchants all the children, and leads them off into a mountain where they are all trapped - apart from Peter, who can't keep up with the others, as usual.  

    Peter returns to Hamelin and tells the horrified citizens what happened.  All hope seems lost until Peter takes the initiative by suggesting everybody pool their resources to pay the Piper. When the Pied Piper returns, in a surprising twist he declares that the only payment he required from the citizens was a change of heart. Now everyone has learned their lesson, the children can come home - led by Peter, who has proved himself to be the true leader of Hamelin!

    "The show was amazing. The kids loved the music and the parents were delighted... for making the production so simple with all of the resources you make readily available!"  ~  Traci Geiser - Anastasis Academy, Littleton, CO USA

    Click here to listen to the COMPLETE songs on our 'Starshine Singers' YouTube channel

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    Author: Nick Perrin Ruth Kenward
    Age guide: 8 to 12
    Running time: 50 mins perf. licence required
    No. of songs: 11
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    Children loved it.

    Review by Jenny Falla - Producer, Guernsey
    The children loved doing it in our One Act Play Festival and we won 6 trophies! The audience really enjoyed it. Thank you Starshine!


    Review by Sarah Atkinson - Music Teacher, Tasmania,br> The Pied Piper was great! Everyone especially loved the songs and the flow of the whole production.

    Well written

    Review by Catherine Fearn - Peri Music Teacher, Yorkshire
    I am currently producing two of your musicals, 'The Pied Piper and 'Treasure Island'. They are so accessible; the scripts are well written and the songs catchy, yet challenging enough for the upper primary age group. Many thanks - keep them coming!

    High quality.

    Review by John Dabell - Review summary in 'Teach Primary' Magazine
    This high quality and user-friendly musical has been extremely well structured and would suit seasoned directors with years of experience as well as nervous first-timers. The Pied Piper is not only entertaining with excellent songs and humour, it also offers hope and delivers a clear message about being a good citizen.


    Review by Traci Geiser - Anastasis Academy, Littleton, CO USA
    The show was amazing. The kids loved the music and the parents were delighted. Many commented that they didn't really know the story of The Pied Piper so it was fun to see something different. On a humorous note, several people noticed that the kids would slip in and out of an English accent (surely from listening to the tracks they purchased on iTunes!). Thanks for making the production so simple with all of the resources you make readily available!

    Joy to teach.

    Review by Vicki Wilson (Deputy Head, East Sussex)
    The clear story line and easy to learn songs made ‘The Pied Piper’ a joy to teach and great fun to perform. There were plenty of opportunities for every child to be fully involved and participate at their own level, and their performances were greatly enjoyed by all those who came to watch.’


    Review by Lucy Spark - Teacher, Fife
    Excellent! This production went really well. The children had great fun and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.