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    The Not-So-Creepy Crawlies

    A marvellous musical about minibeasts that's exceptionally cute and entertaining - and informative too!  It supports the KS1 science curriculum as well as reinforcing PHSE teaching about prejudice and diversity.

    Lucy Ladybird is a little too adventurous.  She flies away from her mother and quickly finds she's lost.  As she sits on a leaf, sad and alone, other creatures pass by: woodlice, a millipede, spiders and a dung beetle - and Lucy learns some fascinating things about each of them, what they do and how important they are for the environment.

    Night draws in and Lucy is frightened.  A family of stag beetles offer to look after her, but her mum has told her NEVER to talk to stag beetles because they look scary.  However, the stag beetles are so kind and look after Lucy so well that she realises she can trust them.  When her mother eventually arrives, Lucy’s in trouble – but she protests that the stag beetles have kept her safe.  Mrs. Stag Beetle tells Lucy’s mum:  ‘We’re just like you inside.’  Mrs. Ladybird comes to see that they’re all part of one big beetle family and decides they can all be friends.

    Includes two versions: 1) a full script with plenty of speaking parts and 2) a simplified version that is mostly narrated.  For  more bug related resources visit the Buglife website.

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    The Not-So-Creepy Crawlies

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    The Not-So-Creepy Crawlies

    Author: Ruth Kenward Ruth Holyoake
    Age guide: 6 - 8
    Running time: 20 minutes
    No. of songs: 9
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    Great humour and lovely songs

    B. Gee – KS1 lead teacher, Gloucester This KS1 show is full of great humour and lovely songs with a good balance of styles. It has a great underlying message of diversity as well as being informative, linking very strongly with the curriculum. It’s full of facts about creepy crawlies that our children explored themselves in their minibeasts work, and the toilet humour of the dung beetle definitely engaged them! It was educational, easy to produce and costume, the children loved it and so did the audience. Very good

    Very good!

    Claire Hollocks – Vocal Teacher (Birmingham Services For Education) The greatest strengths of ‘The Not-So-Creepy Crawlies’ are the humour, the message, the scientific information and the age-appropriate songs with helpful CD backing tracks. The woodlouse and dung beetle songs were probably their favourites. The children enjoyed putting on the show, and the audience were very appreciative. Very good.

    Definitely recommended.

    Alison Bendall – Y1/2 teacher, East Sussex A very entertaining musical for KS1 that has a good balance of songs to speaking/acting for this age group. There was plenty of scope to put our own ‘spin’ on things, and the children enjoyed the show very much, as did the audience. The content includes lots of facts about minibeasts that we didn’t already know, so that helped alongside the science curriculum.

    Really Proud

    Bethany Reid – Reception Teacher, Birmingham The parents were really proud of reception for taking on a performance of ‘The Not-So-Creepy Crawlies’ at such a young age. The children particularly enjoyed putting it on because we have been doing about minibeasts this half term. It fitted in well with our topic to be learning the different facts in the songs – which were enjoyable to sing. The highlight was watching the children excel in their performance and the way they learned their lines and song words. They took to the roles really well.

    Really good quality

    Katie Wells, Year 2 class teacher, Birmingham There are a lot of songs, but the quality of them is really good, and it was great to have the CDs to use in the classroom. I would definitely use it again when teaching minibeasts in Science – and would teach each song as a stimulus at the start of a lesson.

    Pupil comments

    ‘The play was so fun. I enjoyed it when the Dung Beetle came. It was the best play ever! At the end I felt really sad because I wanted to do it all again.’ Mollie (age 7) ‘I loved the way the songs were because some are peaceful and some are rocking to the beat. ‘The Not-So-Creepy Crawlies’ is so adventurous. It’s so cute when the woodlice do the ‘shoobie-doos’ and it was so funny because there’s a dung beetle who picks up poo!’ Ramona (age 6) ‘I liked all the songs because they were happy and jolly. The whole play was good. I liked it all so much I give you 5 stars!’ Jacob (age 7) ‘It’s good for me because I love insects and the songs were amazing. The names are really cool. The Woody Woodlouse song is really cool when they go ‘shoobie doo’. I like the lullaby because it is very soothing. The Dung Beetle song was very funny.’ Xavi (age 7) ‘We were honoured for our school class to do ‘The Not-So-Creepy Crawlies’. At first I didn’t want a big part but regretted it so much! I loved how there were different personalities. I give you TEN stars!’ Demi (age 7) ‘I really liked the Dung Beetle song because the tune was very joyful. I was Mickey Millipede. I really enjoyed being Mickey because millipedes are my favourite animal. I really liked the woodlouse song because it made me giggle when it said ‘and it’s true they eat their poo’! It was so hilarious and funny!’ Lewis (age 7 ) ‘I liked the finale song. It was my favourite play yet. You’re really good songwriters and the plays are amazing.’ Caitlyn ( 7 )