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    The Match Girl's Christmas

    This powerful short musical reminds us of the need to care for the poorest in our society, as well as pointing to the love and hope that Christmas brings. The play cleverly interweaves two stories (Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘The Little Match Girl’ and the story of the Nativity), yet the script is relatively undemanding as most of the action is integral to the songs, keeping preparation time to a minimum.   

    Everyone is at the fair, rich and poor alike, and most are watching the traditional Nativity play. Meanwhile, Old Tom the chestnut seller tells a group of children the story of ‘The Little Match Girl’. She herself appears, barefoot, grubby and poor, trying to sell her matches – but no-one acknowledges her.  Starving and penniless, her only hope lies with the baby in the manger.  

    The show is set within a Victorian Christmas fair so - while it is very straightforward to produce - it has the potential for beautifully picturesque staging, especially if it is performed in the round. 

    "I have just produced 'The Little Matchgirl's Christmas' in 2 Telford schools and wanted to say what fab music it was and that the shows were great. There were lots of positive comments from parents. thank you so much. Can we have another one for next year PLEASE!!"  ~  Lorraine Rainbow - Music Teacher, Telford. 

    Click here to listen to the COMPLETE songs on our 'Starshine Singers' YouTube channel.

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    Author: Nick Perrin
    Age guide: 7 to 11
    Running time: 35 mins - perf. licence required
    No. of songs: 9 Interwoven songs and carols
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    Great experience

    Review by Tina May - Chair of Gov,, Sussex
    What a great experience it was watching the fantastic performance of the Little Match Girl. The hall was packed with proud parents, grandparents and friends. No one in the audience could have failed to be moved by Year 5’s poignant performance of this special Christmas tale. It was so professional and a delight to see all the pupils so engaged and enthused by the 2 intertwining stories-cleverly done. I am so pleased to be involved with a school that takes the creative arts seriously as drama enhances pupils' skills in so many ways and we need to foster the imagination at all costs in our increasingly business-orientated world.


    Review by Rose Burton - Deputy Head Teacher
    Fantastic. Lovely, moving music that the children enjoyed. Very easy to produce - would suggest doing it in the round as it was very successful. Parents comments were that it was fabulous, one of the best yet.Thank you


    Review by Gill Blazey - Music Teacher, Newcastle
    As the music teacher at Newcastle RGS Junior School, I just want to let you know how thrilled we all were with your "Match Girl's Christmas". It formed the main part of our carol service in Newcastle Cathedral last Thursday, and was an absolute joy. Our carol service always involves the whole school, and this year my aim was to find a way to ensure all pupils felt more involved all the time, not just when they sang "their song". We had Year 6 students in the acting roles, the choir as the angels and the rest of the school as rich and poor children, so they really were all kept busy! Everyone enjoyed it, including various visitors to the city who had dropped in to look at the Cathedral and ended up staying to hear the end of our story. Thank you!

    Shows were great.

    Review by Lorraine Rainbow - Music Teacher, Telford
    I have just produced 'The Little Matchgirl's Christmas' in 2 Telford schools and wanted to say what fab music it was and that the shows were great. There were lots of positive comments from parents. thank you so much. Can we have another one for next year PLEASE!!

    Very Positive!

    Review by Principal Teacher - Scotland.
    Very good music throughout, and the Match Girl’s story and Nativity story entwine together so well. Very positive feedback from the audience!’

    A Very Good Show.

    Review by David Knight - Head Teacher, Somerset.
    A very good show, simple to produce, with a moving story

    A Powerful Story.

    Review by Parent Eastbourne, East Sussex.
    Our school did this in the round – it was amazing to be so close to the action with such a powerful story.

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