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    Four classic stories from 'Tales of the Arabian Nights' are cleverly interwoven into this colourful show featuring Princess Scheherazade. This show makes an excellent end of year show for primary phase, being a rich blend of music and drama, with beautifully orchestrated backings and lots of opportunities for dance and vibrant costume. 

    Two children are looking for a birthday present for their Grandfather in a junk shop full of oriental charms!  They discover a heavy dust-covered book - 'Tales of the Arabian Nights'. A mysterious character, whom the children take to be the shopkeeper, suddenly appears and tells them about this book, then proceeds to read them the story of Princess Scheherazade.

    Princess Scheherazade believes she can break an evil spell which has made the Sultan bitter and cruel. The Princess, aided by her sister, plans to marry the Sultan then tell such interesting stories each night that he will wish to hear more each and every night and so stop his cruel habit of disposing of his brides!  

    The particular stories featured are 'The Tale Of The Beggar', 'The Tale Of Ali Baba'. 'The Fisherman's Tale' and 'The Tale Of The Prince And The Stone'.

    "Great opportunity to include lots of children. Very versatile, easily staged on any scale. The songs are catchy and moving and the fantastic CD backings with the clear and precise melody cues made for a wonderful performance."  -  M Walton, Music Teacher, E Sussex.  

    Click here to listen to the COMPLETE songs on our 'Starshine Singers' YouTube channel.

    NEWDigital Download Pack – includes all book contents, MP3 sound files and extras.
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    Author: Nick Perrin
    Age guide: 8 to 12
    Running time: 55 mins - perf. licence required
    No. of songs: 12
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    Review by A Hancock - Head of Music, Dragon Pre-Prep, Lynams
    We have just put on a Production of your publication of Scheherazade with 70 children. The staff involved in helping to put this musical on overwhelmingly thought it was the best show we had put on in years. The children loved working on the play and the music is particularly fabulous! They learned such a lot in the learning/rehearsal process and the parents loved the result! I just wanted to let you know the success of this musical and thank you for it!

    Thoroughly enjoyed!

    Review by Angela Kelly - Principal, Stagecoach Bodmin
    Staff and students alike thoroughly enjoyed working towards a performance of 'Scheherazade'. The show provided great opportunities for character acting and included songs in a wide range of musical styles. The result was a very well-received end-of-term performance with excellent feedback from parents.

    Loved It!

    Review by Stephanie Holtman - Music Teacher, Istanbul
    The whole International School community really loved it!

    Very Versatile

    Review by Mike Walton - Music Teacher, East Sussex.
    Great opportunity to include lots of children. Very versatile, easily staged on any scale. The songs are catchy and moving and the fantastic CD backings with the clear and precise melody cues made for a wonderful performance.


    Review by Ms. P. Reid, Music Teacher, East Lothian, Scotland
    'Scheherazade' was wonderful. It was so colourful and different from anything we'd done before, and the songs were lovely. The parents thought it was fantastic.

    Great Music

    Review by Jeanette Verster - Performing Arts Teacher, Auckland, New Zealand.
    Our kids and their parents enjoyed the show tremendously - great music, great songs and great text!

    Catchy Songs

    Review by Ian Watson - Deputy Head Teacher, Tyne & Wear
    Catchy songs in a variety of styles - a change from the normal - very good!

    Review by H Hesketh - Music Teacher, Gloucs

    The children absolutely LOVE it. The songs are very easy to learn and the narrated version has been very sensitively done. I would definitely recommend it as suitable for any school years 5 to 8


    Review by Miss Wallace - K2 Leader, Surrey
    All our children participated and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Very Good.

    Review by Anne Flude - Teacher, E.sussex
    Very good, particularly the songs. The children really enjoyed the script and performed the show with great confidence.

    Huge Hit

    Review by Helen Bradshaw - Music Specialist, London
    'Scheherazade' has a great blend of catchy up-tempo and ballade-style songs and a wonderful array of characters that lends itself to a colourful and fun staging. Our production was a huge hit with everyone!


    Review by David Wilcox - Head Teacher, Croydon
    I am just writing to say how much we enjoyed performing 'Scheherazade' last week with the children. The musical was a great success. The music virtually taught itself, as it was so tuneful and catchy the children just warmed to it immediately. The play lent itself to providing drama opportunities for everyone in our school drama club. The feedback from the children and parents has been tremendous - it has been one of the most successful musicals we have performed.


    Review by Mrs Sue Peall - Parent
    My daughter's primary school has just used your pack to perform Sheherezade. I just wanted you to know that I think it was superb. It is an excellent product. Many, many congratulations. Please keep on doing what you are doing because it is fantastic. My daughter loved the songs so much I have just submitted an order for the CD. Even my autistic son has been singing some of the songs which is quite incredible. I don't usually write to give praise but in this case I have made an exception.

    Audience Was Certainly 'wowed'.

    Review by Gail Arnold - Music Teacher, Rainbow International School, Uganda
    I have directed 2 musicals from Starshine Music this year and I can't sing their praises more highly. I directed Scheherazade in Malawi and Robin Hood in Uganda, both with a very mixed nationality cast. The kids could relate to the story-lines immediately and absolutely loved the music - they were singing the songs in lessons. Who would have thought of putting calypso music in 'Sheherazade' or rock 'n roll in'Robin Hood'. Brilliant! The scripts were easy to follow and just right for the KS2 age group. I would think the musicals would lend themselves to any setting - we did Robin Hood outside with a mango tree standing in for the Great Oak! I would thoroughly recommend Starshine's musicals. I think the children, staff and myself felt totally rewarded for our hard work and the audience was certainly 'wowed'!

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