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    Robin Hood

    The legend of Robin Hood lives on in this action-packed children's musical, with wonderful, catchy songs and a fast-moving script!  The play is very suitable for a large cast, making it ideal as a whole school show.  

    In this classic struggle of good versus evil, Robin is - of course - the hero of the hour, as he fights for good against the wicked Sheriff of Nottingham and his dastardly right-hand man, Guy of Gisborne.  As Robin leads us on an entertaining romp through the main ingredients of his legend, he is ably supported by Little John, Friar Tuck, Maid Marian, Much the Miller's Son and others as they uphold the cause of the down-trodden villagers.

    "I have directed Robin Hood in 3 schools and have found it fully adaptable to suit the size of my cast.  The songs are beautifully written and correctly pitched for primary voices.  My school's favourites are 'You're In Great Danger' and 'Nothing That We Wouldn't Do'.  I have even held a 'Sheriff of Nottingham Idol' X-Factor style audition!  I would recommend Starshine Musicals to all."  ~  M. Sibley, Headteacher, N. Yorks.  

    Click here to listen to the COMPLETE songs on our 'Starshine Singers' YouTube channel.

    NEWDigital Download Pack – includes all book contents, MP3 sound files and extras.
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    Author: Nick Perrin
    Age guide: 8 to 12
    Running time: 55 mins - perf. licence required
    No. of songs: 12
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    Review by Zoe Graham, Music Teacher, St. Elizabeth's Catholic Primary School, Richmond
    This is a fantastic summer production! The songs are really catchy and easy to learn and the piano parts are easy too! It was a pleasure to teach the music and the children thoroughly enjoyed the songs. We were able to learn the music in a short space of time, between SAT's finishing and the end of term so it was just right for a Junior summer production. Everyone agreed that 'Robin Hood' was one of the best summer musicals we have ever presented.

    Huge Success

    Review by Lucy Usher - Drama Teacher, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
    The musical was a huge success and all involved had an awesome time. Several people have said that it’s our best show yet...so thank you so much!!

    Robin Hood Is Absolutely Fantastic

    Review by Janet Quest - Teacher, Altrincham, Cheshire
    I've done good musicals before, but this is the first time I've bothered to contact a publisher with congratulations. Robin Hood is absolutely fantastic. There was lots for everybody to do, and the wonderful catchy songs really make the whole production.

    Best Ever Production.

    Review by Alwyne Greenbank - Headteacher, Pudsey, Yorkshire.
    Now that we are back at school I have time to let you know just how much we enjoyed performing Robin Hood at the end of the summer term. We have a long tradition of performing, singing, acting, and orchestra at this school and many parents said that this was the best ever production. Our Year 6 children were, shall I say, a challenging group and had been for the four years they were at this school but we couldn't have had a better ending to their school days. Making the props and the costumes gave focus to the "after SATs" time of the term as did of course the rehearsals and the performances. Thank you to the composer for the catchy songs and to everyone who was involved in the production. The three part Robin Hood - Take Great Care - was wonderful. Your CDs are of such good quality and having the CD makes it much easier for rehearsals and for performance. I shall certainly be using your musicals again and will recommend them to anyone else. Thanks.


    Review by Liz Mulcahy - Head Teacher, Essex.
    'Robin Hood' is excellent - one of the best shows we've ever put on. The songs are wonderful, and the children really enjoyed themselves.

    Thoroughly Enjoyable!

    Review by Alison Dumont - Teacher, Carlisle
    Robin Hood is thoroughly enjoyable . It is a dream to work with, and the CD demonstrations and backings are an excellent resource.

    Super Musical.

    Review by Head Teacher - Ilkley, West Yorkshire
    Very successful, very enjoyable, a lot of fun and much appreciated by all who came to watch.

    Thoroughly Enjoyable!

    Review by Karen Ashmore, Teacher, Nottingham
    Congratulations on a super musical - the children thoroughly enjoyed performing Robin Hood.

    Excellent Resource.

    Review by Helen Tyrer - Teacher, Stockport, Cheshire
    For a class teacher and non-piano player, the CD with the vocal demonstrations is an excellent resource. It was so easy to teach the songs.

    Music Is Excellent.

    Review by Sue Laughton - Teacher, Dorset
    Robin Hood went wonderfully well. The music is excellent. The songs are so easy to learn - the children sang like a dream.

    Outstanding Success.

    Review by Margaret Cresswell - Teacher, New Zealand
    The Robin Hood musical was an with our Y5 and Y6 syndicate and we were able to include all 75 children on stage for the majority of the scenes. The children excelled themselves in singing and acting. The highlights for our production were; the included movie portraying the freeing of Much by Lady Marian filmed by a Year 5 student and the Fayre scene complete with a maypole dance. The audience captured the mood and responded to the actors accordingly.The pitch of the songs, the variation in styles, moods, rhythms, parts, and the message in the words, made a great musical impact in telling the legend. This and the variety of the songs - rap, part singing, solos, different moods (sombre, lively, gentle, rock and roll) really decided the choice of this musical for us. We were able to incorporate different choreographical styles to add to the performance. The children learnt about the medieval times through the storyline. All in all a wonderful musical for this age group level. We had tears on the final performance as the children didn't want it to end. A sign of a great show.

    Absolutely Wonderful.

    Review by Caroline Zwiers - Teacher, Canada
    Well we have finally performed Robin Hood with our Home School group. It was . We had nothing but praise for a job very well done. The children loved the music and so did the audience. Thank you for such a wonderful resource!

    Absolutely Brilliant.

    Review by Jo Weller - Music Co-ordinator, Southampton
    Absolutely Brilliant. The children love the songs - they never stop singing them!


    Review by Karen Lowe - Music Teacher, Oxfordshire
    'Robin Hood' is GREAT! The resources are so teacher- friendly and easy to use!

    Recommend Starshine Musicals To All.

    Review by Karen Lowe - Music Teacher, Oxfordshire
    I have directed Robin Hood in 3 schools and have found it fully adaptable to suit the size of my cast. The songs are beautifully written and correctly pitched for primary voices. My school's favourites are 'You're in great danger' and 'Nothing that we wouldn't do'. I have even held a 'Sheriff of Nottingham Idol' X factor style audition! I would recommend Starshine Musicals to all.

    Huge Success.

    Review by Debbie Mcdaniel, Teacher, Carbondale, Illinois, Usa.
    Robin Hood was a huge success! It was the biggest crowd they have EVER had at a k-5 program! Everyone loved it!

    Enthralling Production.

    Review by Ross Macdonald - Head Teacher, London.
    'Robin Hood' is an enthralling production. The songs are lively, inspirational, easy to teach and were performed with great gusto by the children. The production is very boy-friendly and everyone threw themselves into each rehearsal and performance. It is action packed! The children loved it, the teachers loved it, the parents loved it - what more could we ask for?

    Lively And Entertaining

    Review by Andrea Commins - Teacher, Yorkshire.
    The musical was lively and entertaining right from the first singing rehearsal. The children loved the songs.


    Review by Mick Brookes - Head Teacher, Sherwood School, Nottingham.
    Memorable songs and pacy dialogue - a fantastic musical for children.

    Roaring Success.

    Review by Jean Hillman - Teacher, Carp, Canada
    Our performance of 'Robin Hood' took place on a hot June evening and was hailed a roaring success by one and all. The children loved the music - and the experience - and the audience were very generous in their praise. So all in all we are very satisfied and would like to extend a big thank you to you all for helping us give the children such a great experience.

    Fantastic Musical.

    Review by Sam Hopper - Senior Teacher, Shorncliffe State School, Australia.
    We performed the musical over a few days in front of over 600 parents, family members and friends. The response was exceptional. We just wanted to say what a fantastic musical/play you have created. The songs were catchy and a delight to learn and sing. Parents were over the moon to see such a highly successful production undertaken by our small school and how very well written and composed your musical was.

    Real Winner.

    Review by Murray Lennox - Music Teacher, New Zealand
    'Robin Hood' was a real winner at St Michael's last week. The kids just loved the songs and whole staging was brilliant. The audience was suitable startled when the soldiers and the Sheriff came storming in from the back of the church and challenged the parents as to whether they had paid their taxes!! Gave the kids a real sense of history, too, in a very practical way.


    Review by Gail Arnold - Music Teacher, Rainbow International School, Uganda
    I have directed 2 musicals from Starshine Music this year and I can't sing their praises more highly. I directed Scheherazade in Malawi and Robin Hood in Uganda, both with a very mixed nationality cast. The kids could relate to the story-lines immediately and absolutely loved the music - they were singing the songs in lessons. Who would have thought of putting calypso music in 'Sheherazade' or rock 'n roll in'Robin Hood'. Brilliant! The scripts were easy to follow and just right for the KS2 age group. I would think the musicals would lend themselves to any setting - we did Robin Hood outside with a mango tree standing in for the Great Oak! I would thoroughly recommend Starshine's musicals. I think the children, staff and myself felt totally rewarded for our hard work and the audience was certainly 'wowed'!