Whizz Bang Fizzy Crunch!

by Jan Dobbins  

3 to 7 yrs  -  Early Years, KS1  -  unison  -  (1m 11s)

Download includes:  lead sheet (melody line & chords), lyrics, mp3 demo & instrumental 


Theme  -  bonfire night, fireworks, autumn


Content  -  A bouncy, simple song using exciting words to describe the fun of fireworks time. The sound effects really make this song fizz and crackle!  Very popular in this age group.


Lyrics sample - 

‘Whizz, bang, fizzy Crunch!’ You will see

‘Whizz, bang, fizzy Crunch!’ over me.

Pretty sparklers look just fine:

‘Whizz, bang, fizzy Crunch!’ Firework time.


This song also features in 'Zippety Zappy Zee' and 'Songs For All Seasons'

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