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The Tempest

This amazing musical introduction to Shakespeare's 'The Tempest', brilliantly adapted for children to perform, has become a firm favourite for end of year productions. The show contains all the meaty themes of the original: betrayal, justice and forgiveness, seasoned with plenty of comedy and mystery!  An unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

Prospero and his daughter Miranda have been marooned on a desert island for many years, after Prospero's brother Antonio betrayed him.  Prospero uses his magical power to cause a tempest, bringing a passing ship onto the rocks. Among the survivors are Antonio and other treacherous characters, all of whom are eventually brought to justice after plenty of mischief has taken place! As a result of the shipwreck, Miranda sets eyes on another human being for the first time since she was three years old: Prince Ferdinand, the son of Alonso, King of Naples (who had plotted with Prospero's brother to kill him). Miranda is horrified that - in raising the storm - her father has caused innocent Ferdinand huge suffering. Eventually, once Prospero has learnt that the only way forward is to set everyone free from the past through forgiveness, Miranda realises that no real harm has been done.  Sub-plots involve other colourful characters: the monster Caliban, a pair of comic drunkards, and mystical sprite Ariel. 

The music is wonderfully evocative, capturing all the many moods of the play as it moves from the darkness of the opening storm through to the bright forgiveness of the final number, via monstrous, mysterious and hilarious episodes on the way!  

The script and songs are written in contemporary English. However, optional extracts from Shakespeare's original script are included, and these may be used to add an even more authentic flavour to the play.

"This was an incredible show, catchy songs, and a real ensemble piece. My children absolutely loved taking part in this, and have developed a real love for Shakespeare. I cannot recommend this musical highly enough."  
-  H. Rogers, Teacher, Matlock.   

Click here to listen to the complete songs on our 'Starshine singers' YouTube channel!

Digital Download Pack – includes all book contents, MP3 sound files and extras. For sole use of purchasing school, theatre group, church or individual.

Author: Nick Perrin, Ruth Kenward

Age guide: 8 to 12

Running time: 55 mins - perf. licence required

No. of songs: 10

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