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The Not So Creepy Crawlies

A marvellous musical about minibeasts that's exceptionally cute and entertaining - and informative too!  It supports the KS1 science curriculum as well as reinforcing PSHE teaching about prejudice and diversity.

Lucy Ladybird is a little too adventurous.  She flies away from her mother and quickly finds she's lost.  As she sits on a leaf, sad and alone, other creatures pass by: woodlice, a millipede, spiders and a dung beetle. Lucy learns some fascinating things about each of them, what they do and how important they are for the environment. Night draws in and Lucy is afraid.  A family of stag beetles offer to look after her, but Lucy's mum has told her NEVER to talk to stag beetles because they look scary.  However, the stag beetles seem so kind and she has no option but to trust them.  When her mother eventually arrives, Lucy’s in trouble – but she protests that the stag beetles have kept her safe.  Mrs. Stag Beetle tells Lucy’s mum:  ‘We’re just like you inside.’  Mrs. Ladybird comes to see that they’re all part of one big beetle family and decides they can all be friends.

Includes two versions: 1) a full script with plenty of speaking parts and 2) a simplified version that is mostly narrated.  For more bug related resources visit the Buglife website.

Author: Ruth Kenward & Ruth Holyoake

Age guide: 6 - 8

Running time: 20 minutes

No. of songs: 9

Click here to listen to the complete songs on our 'Starshine singers' YouTube channel!


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