The Books Of Life

by Pete O'Hare  

7 to 13 yrs  -  KS2, KS3  -   unison  -  (2m 37s)

Download contains:  Piano-vocal score, lyric sheet, mp3 demo & backing tracks


Theme  -  life choices, love, hope, peace, trust, faith


Content  -  In life’s journey, what ‘book’ do we follow and where will it lead? The books are metaphorical – books of love, hope, peace, and trust – and the lyrics explore the purpose of ‘reading’ those books.  And ‘will the story be retold, one day when we are growing old?’ A gentle, thoughtful song about choice of direction in life. Very suitable for assembly.

Lyrics sample - 

The books of life, that we all read,

I wonder where my book will lead.

And will the story be retold

One day when I am growing old?

The book of love, will never close.

That is the book the good Lord chose

To teach us each and everyday

The way to live and what to say.

The book of peace, is very long,

It takes a while to sing that song.

To give and take and show you care, Forgive the past somehow, somewhere…

This song has a partner story and complete assembly on the same theme.  You can find this in 'Assemblies Alive KS2', which also contains 14 other assemblies, songs and stories.

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