Sweet Summer

by Chlay  

7 to 13yrs  -  KS2, KS3  -  optional harmony  -  (2m 17s)

Download contains:  Piano-vocal score, lyric sheet, mp3 demo & backing tracks

Theme  -  summer, holidays, sunshine, freedom, seasons, weather


Content  -  A bright song with lots of character about the joys of lazy, hazy summer days - and holiday time on the beach!  Very easy to learn, with a pop feel that goes down well with children and all summer lovers. This song is suitable for general singing, but would also be a great addition to a junior choir’s repertoire because of the simple and effective harmony parts and fills (optional).

Lyrics sample

Winter makes me feel so blue.

Tell me do you feel the same way too?

Summertime is much more fun.

Now we’re playing games in the sun!

Sweet summer, oo sweet summer.

Running in the sunshine, having such a fun time, yeah!

Sweet summer, oo sweet summer.

Lemonade and lazy days.

    (Sweet summer, sweet summer)

Sitting in the park with daisy chains.

    (Sweet summer, sweet summer)

People dancing on the beach;

    (Sweet summer, sweet summer)

Now they’re splashing into the sea!


This song also features in songbook 'Songs For All Seasons'

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