Springtime - New Life

by Ruth Kenward & Caroline Kimber  

7 to 11 yrs  -  KS2  -  unison  -  (1m 50s)  

Download contains:  Piano-vocal score, lyric sheet, mp3 demo & backing tracks  


Theme  –  Easter, Spring, change, hope, new beginnings, thankfulness


Content  –  A reflective song about the new life that comes each year in spring.  As we sow ‘seeds of life’, we can be thankful for the promise of a harvest to come.  In the same way, Easter brings its own hope. 

Lyrics sample

Springtime, new life; Springtime, new growth.

Change is whisp’ring on the breeze!

Springtime, new light; Springtime, new hope.

New life – there for you and me!

Brand new beginnings

For everyone and everything!

It’s time to look ahead

To all the things that life can bring!

As we sow the seeds of life

For harvest yet to come,

Thankful for the life that comes in spring.

Easter – new life; Easter – new growth

Change is whisp’ring on the breeze… 


‘Springtime – New Life’ features in the primary years songbook– ‘Songs For All Seasons’

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