Sing The Love

by Simon Donlon, Colm Flanagan & Ruth Kenward 

7 to 12+  -  KS2, KS3  -  optional harmony and counterpoint  -  (2m 33s)

Download contains:  Piano-vocal score, lyric sheet, mp3 demo & backing tracks

Theme  –  celebrating love on Christmas Day, nativity 


Content  -  A beautiful two-part song, celebrating Love coming into the world. On a dark and drowsy night, a shining light appears to shepherds, as angels tell of peace on Earth.  If the excellent counterpoint parts are included, 'Sing The Love' offers young choirs a great set piece to get their teeth into, including a rousing Hallelujah section at the end.


Lyrics sample

Just a dark and drowsy night

Until there came a shining light

The world caught sight of brighter things

Rejoice on Christmas Day!

Shepherd from the fields arrived.

Their coats were old, their eyes were wide.

They saw the light, they heard the word.

Rejoice on Christmas Day!

Sing the love! Sing the praise!

Sing the joy on Christmas Day!

And the love that we sing

Is a love that we can bring, always.


This song is from the cantata 'One Night In Bethlehem' 

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