by Jan Dobbins 

3 to 7yrs  -  Early Years, KS1  -  unison  -  (1m 56s)

Download includes:  lead sheet (melody line & chords), lyrics, mp3 demo & instrumental 


Theme  -  Shops, the street, meeting friends, town


Content  -  A song to bring out the fun in shopping!  As the children sing about visiting different shops they can also learn what they might expect to buy at each one. Lots of colourful and evocative sound effects.


Lyrics sample

Walk along the pavement,

Stroll down the street.

Turn around and wave at

All the friends you meet.

Stop at a shop to see what you can buy

At the bakers today.

White bread, brown bread, buns and cakes

That’s what we need to buy this morning.

Walk along the pavement… (etc.)

…at the shoe shop today.

Trainers, slippers, football boots,

That’s what we need to buy this morning…


This song features in the Early Years songbook 'Zippety Zappy Zee'

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