Shine Away

by Roger Parsley  

6 to 11yrs  -  KS1, KS2  -  unison  -  (3m 27s)

Download contains:  Piano-vocal score, lyric sheet, mp3 demo & backing tracks


Theme  -  Christmas, hope, love, light


Content  -  A perennial favourite in many schools, this lovely song is about the light and hope that Christmas brings to the world. 'Shine Away' is ideal for carol concerts, and makes a great set piece for junior choir.  It's also very suitable as the final song for a DIY nativity.


Lyrics sample

There’s a bright light shining in the world tonight.

All your fears will vanish in the morning light.

There’s a new horizon, there’s a brand new day,

A brighter future and it’s on the way.

May all the love in the world come shining through.

All the dark clouds disappear from view.

Let the light in your heart shine on all you do and say,

Let it shine, ooh, shine away. 


This song features in the musical 'Jesus' Christmas Party' and the songbook 'Sing Christmas'

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