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Four classic stories from 'Tales of the Arabian Nights' are cleverly interwoven into this colourful show featuring Princess Scheherazade. This show makes an excellent end of year show for primary phase, being a rich blend of music and drama, with beautifully orchestrated backings and lots of opportunities for dance and vibrant costume.

Two children are looking for a birthday present for their Grandfather in a junk shop full of oriental charms!  They discover a heavy dust-covered book - 'Tales of the Arabian Nights'. A mysterious character, whom the children take to be the shopkeeper, suddenly appears and tells them about this book, then proceeds to read them the story of Princess Scheherazade.  Princess Scheherazade believes she can break an evil spell which has made the Sultan bitter and cruel. The Princess, aided by her sister, plans to marry the Sultan then tell such interesting stories each night that he will wish to hear more each and every night and so stop his cruel habit of disposing of his brides!  The particular stories featured are 'The Tale Of The Beggar', 'The Tale Of Ali Baba'. 'The Fisherman's Tale' and 'The Tale Of The Prince And The Stone'.

Author: Nick Perrin

Age guide: 8 to 12

Running time: 55 mins - perf. licence required

No. of songs: 12

"Great opportunity to include lots of children. Very versatile, easily staged on any scale. The songs are catchy and moving and the fantastic CD backings with the clear and precise melody cues made for a wonderful performance."  
-  M. Walton, Music Teacher, E Sussex.  

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