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One Bright Star

'One Bright Star' is a very refreshing addition to Christmas repertoire for young people, with songs that are not only catchy and easy to teach but also have great character and emotional appeal. As one reviewer puts it, this cantata truly has 'star quality'!

This five-song cantata re-tells the most significant parts of the Christmas story in five particularly attractive songs with linking narrative.  'One Bright Star' makes a lovely centrepiece for any carol concert, with beautifully orchestrated backings on the CD to enhance performance. Although singers may perform in unison, the harmony parts are lovely and easily achievable. Singers' Booklet pdf is included in the Download Pack. (See the sample under 'Look Inside')

Author: Robert Legg Stella Vassiliou

Age guide: 8-11,12+

Running time: 18 mins.  Perf. licence required

No. of songs: 5

"This was absolutely the most user friendly cantata for children I have ever done! Hard to pick a favorite from the 5 songs as they were all so awesome. The children loved it and that made it easy to learn and present." ~ R Sanchez - Choir Leader.  

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