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Noisy Nativity

'Noisy Nativity' is the Christmas story told simply and with gusto - ideal for children who can't keep quiet! There is plenty for all to do, with lots of actions to the songs and lots of noise to make with voices and percussion, all of which keeps children very engaged. Great fun, ideal for younger children and bound to be a parent-pleaser!

The show opens with children playing percussion and clapping so loudly that their teachers come to quieten them down.  ‘Why are you making all that noise?’ they ask. ‘Because Christmas is exciting!’ the children reply. Connor and Chloe are under the impression that Christmas is all about presents, but the teachers point them in the direction of the Nativity – and so begins a lively retelling of the story of Jesus’ birth.  The script is very versatile, suiting almost any size of cast. There are just a handful of main parts, which can easily be shared out to suit larger groups – and if you have nursery age children, the part of the teachers could even be played by adults.

Author: Gerry Page & Ruth Kenward

Age guide: 4 - 8

Running time: 20 mins - perf. licence required

No. of songs: 8

Click here to listen to the complete songs on our 'Starshine singers' YouTube channel!

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