Live Together

by Peter O'Hare  

7 to 12yrs  -  KS2  -  unison  -  (3m 0s)

Download includes:  lead sheet (melody line & chords), lyrics, mp3 demo & instrumental tracks

Theme  -  co-operation, overcoming obstacles, teamwork, behaviour, citizenship


Content  -  A simple, bright and breezy song with a lilt - about working as a team and getting along with others, even when maybe we don’t want to!  Working together helps us to overcome life’s obstacles. 


Lyrics sample

Why do we need to do as we’re told,

Whether we’re young or whether we’re old?

Whether we’re weak or if we’re strong,

We’ve got to be sure what’s right and wrong.

It helps us live together,

Helps us work it out.

Helps us find a way to live,

And that’s what we’re about.

It makes us think about it,

Helps us find a way.

Helps us all when things go wrong

To find the right words to say.


This song has a partner story and complete assembly on the same theme.  You can find this in 'Assemblies Alive KS2', which also contains 14 other assemblies, songs and stories.

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