Just A Single Candle

by Jenny Schrag  

7 to 13 yrs  -  KS2, KS3  -  optional harmony and counterpoint  -  (3m 08s)

Download includes:  piano-vocal score, lyrics sheet, mp3 demo & backing tracks

Theme  -  making a difference, peace, tolerance, choices, hope, relationships


Content  -  An anthemic song about the way we live, and the responsibility that each of us has to make a difference. The excellent lyrics make the song ideal for assembly, but the optional harmony parts and key change also make this a very uplifting song for choir performance. 


Lyrics sample

A candle isn’t simply

Wax, a wick, a flame.

It’s do I love my neighbour,

How I play the game.

How I treat my family

And people I don’t know,

(How I feel within)

How I feel within my heart

And where I choose to go.

Different faiths and nations,

Muslim, Christian, Jew.

Different creeds and colours

Underneath the blue.

In our hearts we long for peace

And safety for our own.

(Show us how to see)

Show us how to see the world

As everybody’s home.


This song has a partner story and complete assembly on the same theme.  You can find this in 'Assemblies Alive KS2', which also contains 14 other assemblies, songs and stories.

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