Stick To The Rules (Assembly)

Stick To The Rules by Ruth Kenward & Richard Neil - 5 to 7 yrs - KS1  (1m 43s)


Theme  -  Abiding by rules 

Story  -  by John & Ruth Kenward  (approx 5 mins)

Sam and Holly came speeding along the corridor, racing round the corner to beat each other out to play. Bang!  Sam collided with a teacher and tumbled to the floor.

'Oh Sam - not again!' said the teacher, helping him up. 'Are you all right?'
'Yes, Miss,' said Sam picking himself up and dusting himself down. He was about to rush off again when the teacher stopped him.
'Not so fast, Sam!' she said. 'You know you're supposed to walk in school.' She wagged her finger. 'Stick to the rules! Like glue!'
'Ok Miss, sorry Miss,' said Sam, and off he went, walking to the playground.

One afternoon, Sam and Holly's class were about to do some art.  The teacher reminded the children of the rules about using paints and glue... ‘And lastly,’ she finished, ‘put your hand up and ask me if you run out of paint.’ ...

... Sam and Holly were so keen to start that they hadn’t really been concentrating on what their teacher was saying. Straight away, Sam started painting a beautiful picture of the blue sea, with a red boat on it. Meanwhile, Holly was sticking shiny green leaf shapes onto a brown tree trunk, and then sticking lots of green grass all over the bottom of the paper with lots of glue.

After a while Sam ran out of blue paint, and - at the same moment - Holly ran out of glue. Sam looked on his table for more paint, and Holly looked on her table for more glue, but there was none left. Eager to get on, they both raced across the room to find what they needed.  Holly grabbed a pot of glue from the windowsill, and Sam swiped a large pot of blue paint from next to the sink. Have you guessed what happened next? ...


Song  -  by Ruth Kenward & Richard Neil  
A fun, upbeat song with a simple structure, about the importance of rules and how they make life easier.  "Even the easiest game has rules to keep just the same!" (Sample on the audio player above.)

Reflection Points  -  samples
1.  Which rules did Sam and Holly break?
2.  What worse things could have happened when Sam was running down the corridor?
3.  How do rules help us live together?


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