Step Away From The Chocolate (Assembly)

Step Away From The Chocolate  by John & Ruth Kenward
   - 5 to 11 yrs - KS1, KS2  (1m 54s)

Theme  -  Resisting temptation

Story   -  by Ruth & John Kenward  (approx 6 mins)

Do you like chocolate? Well, Tico didn’t like chocolate. Not at all. He adored it!  Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate… any kind of chocolate! But Tico was only allowed it at the weekend, apart from chocolate biscuits, which he was always allowed every day after school.

One Friday afternoon, he was in the supermarket with his mum, doing the food shopping. His mouth watered as they passed the chocolate buttons. He stopped and picked up a packet, imagining them all sweet and melting in his mouth! Mmm! 

‘Tico!’ Mum called, from right down the other end of the supermarket aisle. ‘Step away from the chocolate!’ ‘But Mum…’ he whined. ‘No,’ she said, ‘Step away from the chocolate! Saturday is chocolate day.’ Tico sighed, putting the chocolate buttons down. Never mind, he thought, at least there would be an extra chocolate biscuit when they got home, as his treat for helping with the shopping.

Back in their kitchen, when all the food was unpacked, Tico said ‘Mum, please can I have my chocolate biscuit now?’ ‘Of course you can, Tico,’ his mum replied. ‘Thank you for all your help.’ Tico ran to the biscuit tin, and took out a chocolate biscuit. Then he had an idea...
‘Mum,’ he said in a very good-boy voice, ‘d’you think I’ve been good?’  His mother smiled. ‘Yes you have,’ she said. ‘Go on, you can have two if you like.’ 
‘Yay!’ said Tico, dipping his other hand into the tin.

He went to munch his chocolate biscuits happily in front of the TV. ‘Yummy!’ he thought, as he wiped his mouth afterwards. ‘But I wish I could have just one more…’ He glanced into the kitchen, where he could see the biscuit tin on the table, with its lid still off... 


Song  -  by John & Ruth Kenward 

It’s hard to find many songs suitable for infants on the theme of temptation or greed, but this song does it brilliantly, covering both temptation to eat unwisely and the temptation to steal. (Sample on the audio player above.)


Reflection Points  -  samples

1.  Was Tico’s mum unfair to stop him eating chocolate biscuits every day?

2.  Do you have rules at home or at school about unhealthy food? Are they fair?

3.  When you’re tempted to do something wrong what might you do to help yourself to stop?


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