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Home for Christmas

Taking the theme of 'No room at the inn', this children's musical contrasts the bustling commercialism of a modern Christmas with the plight of the homeless. Plenty of small character parts and opportunities for dance improvisation. Full of warmth, humour and powerful songs, this engaging show captures the true spirit of Christmas.


It's a manic pre-Christmas shopping day and the streets are packed with bargain hunters.  No-one notices homeless Kate falling on the pavement, apart from Nicky and Paul, who help her up. When they offer to help Kate to get home, Nicky and Paul find out that she has no home - except for a cardboard box.  Shocked, the children want to help Kate. They go and tell their mother about her, but Mum is just angry to hear that they have been talking to a homeless stranger. As Christmas draws nearer, the children can't get Kate out of their minds.  Will they be able to persuade Mum to help?!

Author: Jo Sands, Ruth Kenward

Age guide: 8 to 12

Running time: 50 mins - perf. licence required

No. of songs: 13

"What an absolute pleasure it was to perform 'Home for Christmas' for a second time. The Children had a great time rehearsing for the production and the outcome was an immense success. The play was perfect for the children in Y5 and they took their character role to another level. They were able to share their thoughts and feeling through music and drama. Furthermore, I felt very proud of the children, and the phenominal success of the production. Thank you Starshine!"  
~  Mrs A. Hanley, Teaching Assistant, Durham.

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