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Here Comes Christmas

'Here Comes Christmas' is packed with sparkling songs that children will love to sing, with great new repertoire as well as previously unfeatured favourites from within the Starshine catalogue. 

A refreshingly festive song collection for Primary phase, 'Here Comes Christmas' will prove particularly useful for young choirs, as many of the songs feature easy harmony and counterpoint.  Ideal for Christmas concerts and assemblies. 

Author: Starshine Writers

Age guide: 5-11

Running time: n/a

No. of songs: 25

"A wonderful selection of songs to help bring Christmas alive. With a mixture of traditional and modern sounding songs, these are pieces to fit all different Christmas events. Pitched perfectly for the voices of primary age children and with beautiful harmonies running throughout, these songs are a fun way to celebrate Christmas!"
~  B. Gee, Teacher, Gloucestershire.

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