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Hagbane's Doom

A fun-filled fantasy adventure by Nick Perrin, that makes an unforgettable leavers' show for Year 6! There is a brilliant array of colourful characters, giving plenty of children an opportunity to shine, and the music is stunning, encouraging even the most reluctant of singers to take part with gusto.

Sophie, Josh and Andrew travel through a mysterious archway in their local park and are transported to the magical world of Alamore. They are soon embroiled in a timeless battle between good and evil!  Wicked witch Hagbane has stolen the Merestone, which is essential to keeping the forest alive. the children are helped by the forest animals and the rightful ruler of Alamore, Prince Oswain, as they try to defeat Hagbane and her evil army of Grims and Grogs.

The Director's Pack (Hard copy) for 'Hagbane's Doom' includes one copy of the novel by John Houghton, on which it is based.  You may order further copies of the book below.

Author: Nick Perrin

Age guide: 8 to 13

Running time: 55 mins - perf. licence required

No. of songs: 11

"The backing tracks are full of jingling swirling glittery effects for supernatural moments. Many of the songs tend towards a mood of uplift... the music for the nasty characters is justly more enjoyable, the driving rock of Hagbane's 'Wretched Child' and the light reggae of the wicked wizards' 'Take A Juicy Spider' providing the chance for extrovert 11-year-olds to say goodbye to their school by making a flamboyantly histrionic exit!"
~ Music Teacher Magazine 

Click here to listen to the complete songs on our 'Starshine singers' YouTube channel!

Hagbane's Doom is the first in a 5-book series, collectively known as 'The Oswain Tales'', all of which are available from Amazon as KINDLE EDITIONSYou can also download Audible versions, brilliantly narrated by Jus Sergeant, providing hours of gripping story-telling at its best!  Listen to a sample of AUDIO EDITION of 'Hagbane's Doom' 


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