Feeling Hot

by Jan Dobbins 

3 to 7 yrs  -  Early Years, KS1  - unison  -  (1m 19s)

Download includes:  lead sheet (melody line & chords), lyrics, mp3 demo & instrumental
Theme  -  Feeling hot, my body, sunscreen, summer, weather, seasons


Content  -  A lovely, bouncy song  with lots of quirky sound effects about feeling very hot in the sunshine, but with a great, simple message to teach the importance of protecting young skin from the damaging effects of the sun. 


Lyrics sample

Feeling hot, like it or not.

Up above the sun is shining,

Higher in the sky it’s climbing.

What a day to run out and play!

But don’t forget you’d better wear a sun hat!

Don’t forget to put on lots of sun cream!

Don’t forget you’d better wear a sun hat!


This song is featured in 'Songs For All Seasons' and in 'Zippety Zappy Zee'

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