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Fee Fie Fo Fum!

This action packed panto brings the story of Jack and the Beanstalk right up to date, with a hilarious script, colourful characters and irresistible songs.  The perfect pantoesque show for children to perform, full of fun to bring life and sparkle to your school production.  

Jack's mother tells him to take Daisy the cow to market to be sold but the only person to make an offer is Butch, who Jack and Daisy discover is a butcher so they run away!  On their way home they meet a mysterious old man, who persuades Jack to sell Daisy for three magic beans. His mother is furious with him and throws the beans away.  Overnight, a huge beanstalk grows where the beans landed...  Jack, who has a terrible fear of heights, faces a challenge - a bit of a problem when it comes to climbing a beanstalk - and that's before he even gets to meet the giant!

A simplified version for smaller schools and festival productions is also included.  

Author: Andrew Richardson

Age guide: 8 to 12

Running time: 60 mins. - perf. licence required. (45 mins - shorter version for smaller groups/concert presentations)

No. of songs: 14

"The children warmed to all the songs, which were catchy and captivating, so they learned everything very quickly, were excited to perform the songs and still sing them now. They especially enjoyed some of the counter-singing parts. I would definitely choose to perform this show again, seeing how the children responded to the music."

Colin Bourdiec ~ Musical director, Jarrow

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