Does Everybody Know?

by Nick Perrin  

Age 5 to 9 yrs  -  KS1, KS2  -  unison  - (1m 54s)

Download includes:  piano-vocal score, lyrics sheet, mp3 demo & backing tracks


Theme  -  Harvest, where food comes from


Content  -  Where does our food come from?  The shops and supermarkets, of course!  "Chuck it in the trolley, check it out!  Stuff it in a bag, wheel it out!"  Wait a minute... No!  "It comes from the earth, that's a fact."  A great song for Harvest time, or alongside any food-related topic.


Lyrics sample

…It’s time to stop and think where food comes from,

We all need to know.

’Cos all around the world those little seeds

Germinate and grow.

Now we know, we know that!

It comes from the earth, that’s a fact!

Gather in the harvest, dig and sow.

Plant the seeds again - on we go!

Plant the seeds again - on we go!


This song is featured in a set of three mini-musicals, 'Bumper Harvest' and also features in the primary phase songbook 'Songs For All Seasons'

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