Christmas Joy

by Helen Mitchell 

7 to 13yrs  -  KS2, KS3  -  (2m 41s)

Download includes:  piano-vocal score, lyrics sheet, mp3 demo & backing tracks


Theme  -  The excitement and joy that Christmas brings, celebration of Jesus' birth, winter


Content  -  This song has an exceptionally Christmassy ‘feel’ in both lyrics and music, so makes a great addition to an end of term concert.  A wintery scene is set as the backdrop for Christmas shopping, and the song ends with Christmas stockings hanging by a warm fireside glow and a sparkling Christmas tree – all with the aim of celebrating a special birth. The harmony parts make this song very suitable for choir use.


Lyrics sample

Frost is glistening on the ground

Like tiny diamonds cast around.

Crystals grow on the branches bare

Twinkling in thee cold night air, for

Christmas joy is here once more!

Men and Angels all adore.

Celebrate the special birth

Of Jesus God’s own Son,

Jesus God’s own Son,

Jesus God’s own Son on Earth.


'Christmas Joy' features in the songbook  'Here Comes Christmas'

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