Bundle of Joy D: 3 Christmas Songs KS2

Three Christmas Songs  -  Age 7 to 12  -  KS2-3  -  optional harmony and counterpoint

Download includes:  piano-vocal scores, lyrics sheets, mp3 demo & backing tracks


Theme  -  Christmas, joy, Nativity, praise, love, giving


Content  -  'Bells Ring Out' is a joyful celebration of the birth of Jesus. 'Gabriel's Message' is a beautiful song about the annunciation, expressing joy at the blessing that Mary is given, to bear the Son of God. 'Christmas Gold' is about waking up on Christmas morning, and the true 'gold' of Christmas being to do with giving and love.  Three excellent songs, each with simple harmony and counterpoint parts that make them a valuable addition to school choir repertoire.


'Bells Ring Out'  is featured in the cantata 'Bells Ring Out'
'Gabriel's Message'  is featured in the cantata 'One Bright Star'
'Christmas Gold'  is featured in the song collection 'Sing Christmas'

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