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A generous-spirited, heart-warming musical that touches performers and audiences alike, leaving everyone encouraged!  Young performers find the plot engaging and relevant, and can easily identify with the characters. Drama is a safe way in which to explore sensitive social issues, and 'Bully!' is not only a great show, it's also highly recommended as a learning experience. 

Kim is the boss of an aggressive girl gang, and one of their victims is a boy called Jake. When one of Kim's gang, Ellie, steals his phone, Jake is afraid to go home and face his mum. He runs away, helped by his friend Danny.  It's only later that Danny discovers it's Kim - his own sister! - who is Jake's tormentor!

When Danny confronts Kim, she tries to excuse herself by explaining that she has been bullied in the past. Danny isn't impressed.  Kim's gang back her up, saying they need the gang to feel strong because they too have experienced being bullied. Jake begins to make a general connection - people who are victimised may later become bullies.

Ellie is shamed into giving Jake's phone back. He asks why she took it, and we find out that her big sister Rachel is horrible to her: which Jake sees as confirming the pattern of victims becoming bullies. This emboldens him to suggest that Ellie's bullying sister must be a victim too!  Jake, Danny and Kim all go with Ellie to confront her sister - but are shocked to discover that Rachel has never actually been bullied - which ruins their theory! So what turned her into a bully? Rachel suddenly reveals her loneliness. Ellie is generous enough to forgive her, and all ends well now that everyone has begun to open up and understand each other!

Author: Jo Sands & Ruth Kenward

Age guide: 8 to 13

Running time: 55 mins - perf. licence required

No. of songs: 9

"Young performers love this musical! They love its modernity, they love the characters, the show means something to them and its cathartic effect cannot go unnoticed!  The message got across really well. There's a real anti-bullying buzz around the school."
~ M. Cooney, Music Teacher, Ireland.

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The Hard Copy Director's Pack (hard copy) includes a copy of the book on which it is based, which makes an excellent souvenir for children taking part. Additional copies may be ordered below.  'Bully!' is also available in Kindle Edition.

Bully paperback

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