Bigger Than The Biggest Mountain

by Ruth Kenward & Caroline Kimber  

5 to 9 yrs  -  unison  (1m 50s)

Download contains:  piano-vocal score, lyric sheet, mp3 demo & backing tracks


Theme  –  understanding the nature of God, the Creator, worship


Content  –  Ideal for faith-based assembly, this simple song tackles a very profound subject: the nature of God.  "Though we’re tiny in his sight, He loves us with all his might.  It’s so hard for us to understand."  Always popular with this age group, as it’s so catchy!


Lyrics sample

Bigger than the biggest mountain,

Taller than the tallest tree.

Wider than the east is from the west,

Yet he cares for me.

He’s the desert and the sea! (clap, clap)

He’s the tempest and the breeze. (clap, clap)

He’s the lion and the lamb, (clap, clap)

There since time began.

Maker of the starlit heavens,

Maker of the world we see.

Maker of the day and of the night,

Yet he cares for me…


‘Bigger Than The Biggest Mountain’ is taken from the Nativity musical ‘A Way In A Manger’ 

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