It'll Soon Be Christmas

by Ruth Kenward  

7 to 11 yrs  -  KS2  -  unison  -  (1m 41s)

Download includes:  piano-vocal score, lyrics sheet, mp3 demo & backing tracks


Theme  -  Christmas celebration, excitement, anticipation


Content  -  ‘Christmas light makes day of night…’   All around the town it's bright. Something's in the air tonight!  An exuberant, energy-filled song in anticipation of a fun-filled Christmas holiday - full of Christmas joy and sparkle! 


Lyrics sample

Christmas! It’ll soon be Christmas!

Bring it on now – Christmas!

Lots of fun and laughter – party time!

Yeah, sing along with us now:

Smiling faces all around,

Up above the stars shine down.

Christmas light makes day of night,

All around the town it’s bright,

Something’s in the air tonight.

Let the celebration start!

Let the joy shine in your heart!

See the sparkle everywhere,

Feel the magic in the air…


'It'll Soon Be Christmas' features in both the musical 'Five Gold Rings' and the songbook 'Sing Christmas'

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