Come On!

by Sarah Baker  

5 to 9 yrs  -  KS1, KS2  -  unison  -  (1m 39s)

Download includes:  piano-vocal score, lyrics sheet, mp3 demo & backing tracks

Theme  –  Celebration at Christmas, move your body


Content  –   An irresistible song to celebrate Christmas, full of energy and life.  Easy to learn – and movement is a must!  There's an easy key change into the last verse, with a clear cue to help everyone to pitch correctly in the new key. A lively item for a Christmas concert, that will have all the singers bopping about and enjoying themselves!  


Lyrics sample

Come on, move your body!

Come on, clap your hands!

Come on, wave your arms and

Come on, dance around!

Raise your voices, sing noel.

Blow the trumpet, ring the bells.

Shake a shaker, bang the drum:

Christmas time for everyone!


Come On!  is taken from the musical ‘Magical Christmas Journey’

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