Tell Me A Story

by Ruth Kenward 

7 to 11 yrs  -  KS2  -  optional harmony  -  (2m 33s)

Download contains:  Piano-vocal score, lyric sheet, mp3 demo & backing tracks


Theme  -  Christmas, stories, Santa Claus, nativity


Content  -  What stories do we tell at Christmas?  The song begins with stories of Santa Claus and then moves on to tv shows full of tinsel and celebrities, but ends with a complete contrast: a quiet stable on a starlit night. ‘No tinsel there at all. Tell me the story that I need to know.’  An unusual approach for a Christmas song - and very effective. With optional harmonies, this makes a good addition to repertoire for school choir.

Lyrics sample

TV stars wear tinsel from head to toe,

    (Oooh, head to toe!)

Cooking up Christmas treats on cookery shows.

    (Hey, hey-ey, on cookery shows.)

In the cities people are on the go.

    (Oooh, on the go!)

Tell me, do they remember? Do they all know?

    (Do they all know?)

That quietly one starlit night,

At Bethlehem by soft moonlight,

The planet welcomed newborn life

Within a stable’s walls.

No tinsel there at all, no tinsel there at all.


This song also features in 'Come On Christmas'

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