Everyone's Asleep

by Roger Parsley  

5 to 10 yrs  -  KS1, KS2  -  unison  -  (2m 09s)

Download includes:  piano-vocal score, lyrics sheet, mp3 demo & backing tracks

Theme  –  Nativity, the stable at Bethlehem, waiting, Christmas


Content  –  This simple, peaceful song sets the scene for the Nativity, with everyone in Bethlehem fast asleep, the lights all turned down in the darkened town.  The world awaits the imminent birth of Jesus.  Mary and Jesus are just coming down the road…  A lovely, gentle song that creates an expectant hush.


Lyrics sample

Everyone’s asleep in the night so deep.

Everyone’s asleep tonight.

Children in their beds rest their weary heads,

Everyone’s asleep tonight.

Donkey’s in the straw can you hear him snore?

Everyone’s asleep tonight.

Not a sound is heard from a mouse or bird,

Everyone’s asleep tonight.

But coming down the road,

The long and silent road,

Strangers come to Bethlehem.

They’ve travelled all the day,

A long and tiring way.

Who will find a place for them?


Everyone’s Asleep is taken from the Nativity musical ‘Jesus’ Christmas Party’

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