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The Snow Child

A magical winter musical about a couple who can't have children and long to have a child of their own. Based on a Russian folktale, 'The Snow Child' is very picturesque piece for this age group, with lovely dance opportunities. Easy to teach and easy to stage. 

Each Christmas Anya and Peter make a crib for the village children to enjoy, but one year they are so sad about not having a son or daughter that they make a Snow Child instead.  The old couple are amazed and overjoyed when, magically, the Snow Child - Crystal - comes to life!  However, being made of snow, in the spring she melts away.  The couple are devastated and everyone in the village misses Crystal throughout all the seasons of the coming year - but Anya and Peter are amazed for a second time when Crystal returns the following winter. They build a new crib to celebrate, inviting the whole village to join in! 

Author: Judy Lown

Age guide: 5 to 9

Running time: 30 mins 

No. of songs: 9


"Thank you so much for a fantastic Christmas play, 'The Snow Child'. The music was lovely and very easy for the children to learn. We were able to involve 135 children quite easily with a Nativity at the end. Parents always say good things about children's performances but the response this year was overwhelming! Many, many people said it was the best one they've ever seen! So I'll certainly be checking out your other shows for next year! Thanks again."
~ Debbie Russell, Key Stage 1 Coordinator, Shrewsbury. 

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