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The Raggedy King

The genius of this very simple musical is that it shows how Jesus's birth turned everyone's expectations upside down!  The long-awaited Messiah was expected to be a royal king, born in a palace - very far from the truth of his humble origins!  A lovely nativity play for young children, with songs that are very appealing and easy to teach.

In the hills, David the shepherd boy practices playing his pipe - in anticipation of the coming of the great Messiah, who he imagines arriving complete with crown and flowing robes amid plenty of ceremony.  Angels arrive, with news that the Messiah has been born in Bethlehem - in a stable!   David is not impressed!  He is NOT going to play his pipe for a poor little 'Raggedy King' in a humble stable. But all the same, David goes to Bethlehem with the others. Will he be willing to play his pipe when he gets there? 

Author: Veronica Clark

Age guide: 4 to 7

Running time: 25 mins - perf. licence required

No. of songs: 10

We are a very small rural school with 27 pupils aged 4 - 11 so every child was involved in the performance along with a few more 'painted sheep' to make up the numbers! The play was superb and every parent said it was the best we had ever done. Even our non singers rose to the challenge and performed solos without any qualms!"  
~  Julia Hurrell, Somerby Primary School.

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