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The Donkey Seller

This delightfully entertaining nativity introduces a group of bored donkeys, whose lives are transformed by the journey they make to Bethlehem.  The play is full of humour, yet there is also a real sense of the Christmas message, making this a wonderful choice for 5-9 year-olds.  (Two scripts included - one simplified for younger children and one for age 7 to 9.)

The Donkey Seller is fed up, because he hasn't sold a donkey for ages. His donkeys (Nudger, Cheeky, Gazer, Snuggle, Bouncer and Prince) are very, very bored.  'Nothing ever happens round here,' they say.  But all this changes when travellers begin to pass by: first Mary and Joseph, then shepherds and sheep, and finally some very posh kings on camels.  All these travellers are on their way to Bethlehem - and they all need donkeys!  All of a sudden the Donkey Seller has become overloaded with work and after the travellers have gone he falls asleep, exhausted. Meanwhile some angels arrive and tell the Donkeys to hurry to Bethlehem.  Something special is going on! The angels lead the donkeys to a stable at Bethlehem, where there's a party for a very special baby that has been born.  No-one is bored now!

Author: Carrie Richardson, Clare Jones

Age guide: 5 to 9

Running time: 25 mins - perf. licence required

No. of songs: 9

"This show has excellent songs and the script has lots of humour but it stays true to the Christmas story - it has 'laugh out loud' moments but keeps the sentiment and poignacy of a traditional children's Nativity production. The parents absolutely loved it.."
~ Tracey Clarke, Deputy Head Teacher, Cornwall.

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