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Miracle Child

There are two 'miracle children' in the story of this heart-warming Christmas musical for juniors: one is obviously the baby born at Bethlehem, but the other is materialistic Ricky, who is transformed as he learns the importance of giving. A poignant and entertaining show that is easy to teach and learn, with catchy songs and an uncomplicated script.

What does the Christmas story mean to self-centred Ricky, 2000+ years after the miracle of Jesus' birth?  'Miracle Child' begins with a family party on Christmas Eve, and Ricky expecting loads of presents - but having forgotten to find something to give his/her parents.  Will he/she sort out this problem in time for Christmas Day?

Author: Ruth Kenward

Age guide: 8 to 12

Running time: 40 mins - perf. licence required

No. of songs: 9

"Quite easily the best Christmas performance we have ever done. The parents were ecstatic and the children adored it. Really straightforward and totally effective. Many thanks again."
~ Joe Waddle - Deputy Head, Newcastle.

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